Friday, April 15, 2016

CFL Draft Coverage Starts Monday

The CFL Draft is now less than a month away (May 10th) so starting on Monday I will be kicking off my award winning coverage…. Err award nominated coverage... err award worthy coverage… err winner of an award I just invented right now coverage “Outstanding Achievement In the Field of Excellence”. I personally think I deserve some kind of lifetime achievement award because this will mark my 9th year of draft coverage. Thankfully draft discussion and coverage abounds now but back when I started it was essentially me and Duane Forde and that was it. Even the CFL didn't really seem to care about the draft back then.

Monday I will be kicking off coverage with team by team previews.  Following that I will have a special feature on the terrible track record of the Riders with respect to the draft of late and the challenge facing Chris Jones and John Murphy in turning that around. I will wrap things up with wild ass draft guesses cleverly disguised as a Mock Draft.

On draft day I hope to be able to do my annual Live Draft Day Blogging but that is up in the air a bit and entirely dependent on my kids’ sports schedules. You can apparently add children’s sports leagues to the list of people unwilling to schedule everything around my blogging schedule… what is this world coming to?

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