Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Round-Up: Holy Offseason Batman!

The CFL offseason started just 19 days ago and there has already been more excitement crammed into the past couple of weeks that most offseasons have in their entirety… and we haven’t even hit prime tampering season… err I mean legitimate and totally above board free agency. To summarize:

- The Riders managed to poach Chris Jones and essentially his entire Grey Cup winning coaching staff before the last piece of confetti had hit the ground in Edmonton. They also poached John Murphy for good measure.

- The Eskimos got permission to talk to Jason Maas to replace Jones but when they went to hire him, Ottawa made the unprecedented demand for fiduciary compensation for their loss. The matter ended up being referred to mediation. 

- New man of a million titles Chris Jones acted quickly and cut pretty much anything that wasn't nailed down. "While I wasn't able to cut everyone I wanted, I did cut a lot of you". To be fair most of the 19 cuts were headed for free agency anyway and most of them also deserved to be cut. Still 19 cuts is a lot. I'll have more on the Rider moves on Monday during my normal sentimonies (always leave them somewhat disappointed and wanting more... its the motto of my writing and my love life)

- Probably the craziest story is the Noel Thorpe saga. Who despite being under contract with a no movement clause for 2 more years to Montreal, resigned and was reportedly headed to Edmonton to accept their vacant DC job. There is a whole lot wrong with the situation. So much so that the Commissioner put a moratorium on coaching moves without his assent and ruled that Thorpe's resignation is invalid and he's still under contract to Montreal. He also ruled that Edmonton did not tamper which is code for "Edmonton managed to keep their tampering efforts not so blatantly obvious that we are forced to fine them"

- I still don't understand people who seem shocked they people actually expect them to honour the contract they've agreed to. I get that player contract are entirely one sided (and can be ended at any time) but that's why most have become wise enough to only sign a 1 year deal unless they team offers more $$$ for a longer. Same deal for coaches, you want to be able to take a lateral move in the offseason, don't sign a multi-year deal. Teams should always allow coaches to accept promotions... they should also reserve the right to give the finger to people who want lateral moves while under contract.

- I assume Montreal and Edmonton will work out some kind of trade because, it would be weird for Montreal to force a guy to coach there who clearly wants out. 

- At this rate I would honestly not be surprised if either some team kidnaps Tom Brady and forces him to play for their team or if someone uses black magic to resurrect Ron Lancaster.... its been that crazy. 

NFL Watch:
Aaron Grymes (Edm) – Workout with Arizona
Euclid Cummings (Tor) – Workout with Minnesota
Dexter McCoil (Edm) – Workouts with Chicago and New Orleans
Freddie Bishop III (Cal) – Workouts with Chicago, Philadelphia, Tennessee
Eric Rogers (Cal) – Workouts with San Diego, Philadelphia (will work out for 14 teams in total)
Collin Kelly (Ott) – Workout with Minnesota
Steven Clarke (BC) – Workout with Minnesota
Cleyon Laing (Tor) – Workout with New Orleans
Terrell Sinkfield (Ham) – Workout with San Diego
Willie Jefferson (Edm) - Workout with Arizona
Swayze Waters (Tor) - Workout with San Diego

CFL Ins and Outs

Out: Everyone… almost. RB Anthony Allen, DB Tyron Brackenridge, DB Weldon Brown, DB Marshay Green, DB Macho Harris, LB Nathan Kanya, DB Hugo Lopez, DB Terrell Maze, FB Scott McHenry, DB Junior Mertile, LB Kyle Norris, WR Jamel Richardson, DL Cameron Sheffield, QB Blake Sims, WR Taj Smith, RB Chad Spann, DB Alex Suber, DL Derek Walker, LB Ryan Wellman

In: WR Emmanuel Arceneaux, OL Kirby Fabien (contract extension)

In: OL Jace Daniels (contract extension), WR Jhomo Gordon, DB Kevin Fogg (free agent signing)

In: FB C.O. Prime, OL Mathieu Girard, DL Troy Davis (contract extension)

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