Friday, July 5, 2013

Rider Prophet's 6th Anniversary

I got so caught up with everything else yesterday that I completely forgot how significant the date of July 4th is... I mean aside from the day where the US honours a Will Smith movie about aliens for some reason. Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of this blog. Six years. I'm as surprised as anyone. In an era where things come and go more rapidly than ever I have lasted longer than most blogs... and lasted 3 times as long as the average 6 year NHL contract. And its all thanks to you guys.

My readership keeps growing every year, my legions of followers on the twitter keep going up. I must be doing something right. Not really sure what that is but as they say: when in Rome. This year saw the addition of the very popular hobo correspondent. When you operate a free blog, employees who will work for discarded sandwich crusts are a valuable asset.

The 6th anniversary is traditionally the sugar anniversary... which I don't really get. If I give Mrs. Prophet sugar for our 6th anniversary, the odds of there being a 7th will be on par with the odds of Baltimore winning another Grey Cup. Evidently Man in the Bush was aware that this is the sugar anniversary as there is a video from him in my inbox set to Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me that I am afraid to open because it likely features him and that can't be good for anyone.

That's ok, all I really want in this 6th year is another Grey Cup win. I haven't enjoyed one of those since '07 (to which anyone reading this from wither Hamilton or Winnipeg is going "oh boo frickin' hoo") and one this year at home would be unreal.

Anywho, a big thanks to all of you who keep making this fun for me to do. See you in the stands tonight.

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