Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm Back

Apologies for the unplanned lack of posting over the past two weeks. I realize that many of you depend on my analysis and irreverent commentary to get you through the day... especially with training camp so close to opening. I was going to leave one of my other staff members in charge while I was busy but the monkey is unionized and said it wasn't in his job description, Media Consultant was going to charge me a consulting fee, the hobo doesn't own a computer and I was unable to find a program that converts notes written in dirt on discarded pizza boxes to a text document. To his credit, Man in the Bush did offer to handle postings but most of what he wanted to write about would have made Sergio Garcia look like a decent guy by comparisson.

But anyway, enough my problems, let's talk football! It's time to get caught up on what's been happening

- The big question on everyone's mind is John Chick. I get asked almost daily if he is coming back here or not. We are still in a holding pattern. Chick is hoping to catch on in the NFL but if he doesn't he is coming here. I bet we have a verbal agreement on salary so the Riders know exactly who needs to be cut to make room for him. They even appear to be holding his old #97 vacant as it is currently the only number in the 90s not assigned according to the roster. Odds of Chick returning go up with every day that passes.

- The Riders have also been busy rounding out their training camp roster with the addition of DB Reshard Langford and LB Anthony Heygood who both attended the rookie mini camp in Florida. They also brought back Kevin Regimbald-Gagne who we drafted last year but sent back to school for his last year of eligibility and newcomer Matt Brown, .  While most of the prospects look intriguing one that I absolutely hate is RB Dede Dorsey. Why we are even bothering wasting a spot on him is beyond me. I said the same thing about DeShawn Wynn last year and look how that turned out. Let me put it this way Dorsey wasn't good enough to beat out Kenton Keith for a spot on the Colts back in 2007. Give the spot to someone with at least a shred of potential for goodness sake.

- Brent Hawkins retired. Sad to see him go but given the state of his shoulders its probably a good move for him. He's got life after football set up (personal training and coaching the Regine LFL team). I liked him but I don't consider him a huge loss at this point. His 7 sacks as a Rider are only 1 more than Odell Willis and 2 more than Shomari Williams. How's that for perspective?

- Word is season ticket sales have topped 28,000 this year. Holy $%&#!!! is all i can say. I know this is a Grey Cup year but this is a team whose season ticket not so long ago consisted of 7 stubborn old guys and had to bribe people to come to the stadium with free tickets and promises of Whoppers. This is amazing and has me jacked up for home games this season.

Training camp is only a few more days away from opening. (If you are like me just reading that sentence got the adrenaline going and gave you the urge to shotgun a Pilsner).


Anonymous said...

aaaand he's BACK! yes I figured that jail cell didn't have free WIFI but glad you made bail! (Ok too many Pilsners on my part but I've been in my own training camp for the home games lol)

Welcome back!

Mr. Slinky

Rider Prophet said...

Training Camp is important for fans too. Its a long season need to prime that liver for the whiskey and beer that it will be subjugated to.

Notice how the same morning I make my first post in 2 weeks is one of the busier days in Rider news. They were obviously waiting on me too.