Saturday, May 4, 2013

CFL Mock Draft Version 2

Since my first go at this on Monday, the CFL decided to add a 7th round to the draft. I have rethought a few selections. I also found a couple errors. One was the omission of Jesse Joseph (the guy is on the CFLs’ top prospects list, whoops).   I was also advised of an error in one of my picks in Ryan White, turns out he was drafted last year (at the least he wasn’t dead). So here is an updated version of my mock draft with slightly fewer glaring errors.

Round 1
1 – Hamilton – DL Linden Gaydosh: Gaydosh is still the consensus #1 pick. Many offers being made by teams for this pick (Edm offered Ted Laurent) and some talk that the Ticats would prefer Sewell over Gaydosh. I still bet they take him but regardless Gaydosh will be the top pick
2 – Winnipeg – LB Mike Edem: Still no sense on what the Bombers will do. They really want Gaydosh but if they can’t trade up for him, Edem is the logical choice given his versatility and immediate impact.
3 – Montreal (via Edm) – WR Seydou Junior-Haidara: He’s the best receiver in the draft, he’s local and Als need a receiver. It’s a no-brainer. They could probably wait and take him with their next pick but won’t want to risk losing him.
4 – Saskatchewan – DL Ben D’Aguilar: With Ricky Foley and Keith Shologan starting on D-line, the Riders are in need of Cdn depth. Despite having 2 NFL tryouts lined up, D’Aguilar is worth the risk.
5 – Montreal – OL Matt Sewell: His NFL deal drops him a few spots but Als can afford to be patient and with their all Canadian OL, taking the best available OT is a smart move.
6 – BC – OL Cory Watman: BC really wants a top end DL but there are a few of those to be had. Top end OL prospects are a scarcer commodity. Their interior OL is old and injury plagued… adding Watman to last year’s picks Norman and Fabien will shore the OL up nicely.
7 – Calgary – DL Brent Urban: With no real pressing needs, the Stamps can afford to wait out Urban’s last year of college. 
8 – Toronto – OL Nolan McMillan: The Argos have a history of making high risk picks early on players who they rarely see for a couple years (if ever). McMillan is tremendous prospect at tackle. He has a year left of college but that won’t concern the Argos.
9 – Ottawa – OL Brander Craighead: With the franchise’s first ever pick, they will wisely look to starting stocking the shelves along the OL.

*** A few caveats on Round 1. As I mentioned the #1 pick is being shopped around and may change hands. Edmonton still wants to move up. BC moving up to add another first rounder still makes sense but is looking less likely. One way or another expect the 1st round order to undergo some change.

Round 2
10 – Edmonton (via Ham) – OL Brett Jones: If Hervey can’t get into the first round to get a top end DL he will take the safer option and try and strengthen the OL.
11 – Winnipeg – OL Matt Vonk: DL is an option for this pick but still think shoring up the OL is a better option.
12 – BC (via Edm) – DL Ellie Ngoyi: Patience will pay off here for the Lions as they will get the DL they need to back-up Westerman without using a 1st rounder to get it. Ngoyi is a raw talent but the Lions will gladly develop him.
13 – Calgary (via Sask) – OL Matt Albright: The Stamps are one of those teams that believe you can never have too many OL. Albright’s stock has been on the rise.
14 – Montreal – OL Hunter Steward: The Als will continue stocking the future OL shelves by taking a promising redshirt junior in Steward.
15 – Hamilton (via Edm via BC) – OL Chris Mercer: Mercer’s stock has risen to the point where if a team wants the budding young OT they will need to act early. After passing on Sewell (who they reportedly want) in round 1, Mercer will be a nice consolation prize.
16 – Calgary – LB CO Prime – The Stamps have lost a couple special teamers/depth LBs this past offseason (Antwi, Calixte) and need to re-stock. Despite likely having to wait until September to get him on the field, Prime is the best available and the Stamps can afford to be patient.
17 – Toronto – DL Andy Mulumba: Toronto needs help on the D-line with all their offseason departures. They are willing to risk Mulumba's NFL interests.
18 – Ottawa – DL Connor Williams: After taking an OL in Round 1, the RedBlacks will look to start addressing the other side of the trenches.

Round 3
19 – Hamilton – DL Jesse Joseph
20 – Winnipeg – DL Stefan Charles
21 – BC (via Edm) – LB Nicolas Boulay
22 – Saskatchewan – OL Josh Prinsen
23 – Montreal – DL John Miniaci
24 – Edmonton (via Ham via BC) – WR Yannick Morin-Plante
25 – Calgary – WR Mike DiCroce 
26 – Edmonton via Tor – WR Natey Adjei
27 – Ottawa – DL Kalonji Kashama

After round 3 it’s pretty much a crapshoot, so take this for what its worth (particularly when we get to round 7)
Round 4
28 – Calgary (via Ham) – DL Mike Klassen
29 – Winnipeg – DB Cameron Wade
30 – Montreal (via Edm) – WR Simon LeMarquand
31 – Edmonton (via Sask) – RB Steven Lumbala
32 – Montreal – OL Jakob Piatrowski
33 – BC – DB Patrick Chenard
34 – Calgary – DB Tolu Akinwumi
35 – Hamilton (via Tor) – DL Hosam Shahin
36 – Ottawa –LB Bo Lokombo

Round 5
37 – Hamilton – Dl Jean Alexandre Bernier
38 – Saskatchewan (via Win) – DB Jermaine Gabriel
39 – Edmonton (via Sask via Edm) – DB Kris Robertson
40 – Edmonton (via Sask) – DL Brent Wheeler
41 – Montreal – WR Steven Alli
42 – BC – OL Shane Bergman
43 – Hamilton (via Cal) – OL Kevin Croft
44 – Toronto – OL Robert Ravenbergen
Round 6
45 – Hamilton – DB Michael Daly
46 – Winnipeg – WR Chris Dobko
47 – Montreal (via Edm) – DB Mike Spense
48 – Calgary (via Edm via Sask) – OL Eric Armitage
49 – Saskatchewan (via Edm via Mtl) – WR Nick Anapolsky
50 – BC – RB Brendan Gillanders
51 – Edmonton (via Cal) – OL Cameron Thorn
52 – Toronto – K Brett Lauther

Round 7
53 – Hamilton – WR Alex Anthony
54 – Winnipeg – FB Isaac Bell
55 – Edmonton – LB Kareem Ba
56 – Saskatchewan – FB Matt Burke
57 – Montreal – OL Taylor Servais
58 – BC – DB Ryland Smith
59 – Calgary – DB Matt McGarva
60 – Toronto – WR Guillaume Rioux

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