Thursday, August 23, 2012

Support The Prophet

I am a contestant in the 980 CJME Coolest Job Ever contest. The judges are currently deciding between me and 23 other people who auditioned to see who will move on to the final 4.

Check out the rant I did for the audition then comment, like, tweet, facebook or whatever it is kids do these days on the interweb. Help convince the judges they should VOTE PROPHET.


uncle jim said...

Anyone with a Twitter account could send a tweet to Matt D and Jamie Nye at CJME. (I did). Here are their twitter handles:
@mattdshow @jamienye

uncle jim said...

And if you are a Youtube fan .. you can go HERE and leave a positive comment for the Prophet

Anonymous said...

I crawled outta my cave just in time for Labour Day - Is there still time to vote??

Rider Prophet said...

I'll be on CJME radio next week for a semi-final audition. Tune in an support me then