Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are You Smarter Than A Baby - Week 10 Picks

Here are the Prophet Family picks for week 10.

Prophet Jr's picks won't be up until tomorrow... he was too grumpy/sleepy to do his picks tonight (life is tough when you're a baby).

Rider Prophet - BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Edmonton
Mrs. Prophet - BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Edmonton
Step-Prophet - BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Calgary
Momma Prophet - Montreal, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Edmonton


CK said...

Picks are coming to you this week via the Interwebs, and not via the twitterpations.

Toddler: BC, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Edmonton

CK: Montreal, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Seems like Momma Prophet is the only realist by picking Winnipeg, Riders suck go Blue go!!!!!!!

Rider Prophet said...

If the Riders suck than how much worse must the Bombers be to have a worse record?