Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Riders Sign Terrence Jeffers-Harris

Yesterday the Riders added receiver Terrence Jeffers-Harris to the practice roster. I like this move for a couple of reasons. First, any current import wide receiver whose first name doesn’t rhyme with zeston has thus far done a whole lot of nothing. Not that I’m prepared to write any of them off just yet but when your current guys aren’t getting it done I’m always in favour of bringing some competition.

The second reason I like this is Jeffers-Harris is loaded with potential. He had a very impressive rookie season in 2010 with the Bombers. His second year, the combination of injuries and reduced effort stemming from not getting to try out for the NFL as he had anticipated (imagine the nerve of those Bombers expecting him to honour both years of his 2 year deal?) made for a sophomore year that fell well short of the sky-high expectations people had for him.  He ended up in Hamilton. I’m sure the fact that his signing by the Ti-Cats coincided with them playing the Bombers in a playoff game was purely a coincidence as the Tabbies claim. He attended camp with the Ti-Cats this year but was eventually among the training camp cuts.

Obviously, he is far from a sure thing but given that he’s only 24 and he’s shown so much potential I think he is well worth a look. If the coach’s can get his head on right he could turn into a big contributor. If not, oh well, there is no harm in looking.

I have one major pet peeve in regards to Jeffers-Harris though that needs to be addressed. For the love of god can we please not call him TJ Harris like they did in Winnipeg? His first name is Terrence. His last name is hyphenated: Jeffers-Harris. You can’t just take part of his last name and add it to his first for convenience.
Did we call Mike Abou-Mechrek, MA Mechrek? Or Jeremy O’Day, JO Day? No. It’s ridiculous! Stop it!

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