Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Big Start

Riders 43 – Ti-Cats 16

Okay anyone who tries claiming they saw that coming is lying. You can say you expected us to win. You can say you expected Hamilton to not be as good as their ridiculous preseason hype but you can’t honestly say you saw a blowout like that coming.

It was certainly a welcome surprise. What a way to start a new season! I know it’s only one game but after the garbage we endured last season it’s refreshing to be reminded what quality football looks like again. We were treated to more rushing yards and more scoring in one game than in the entire fall of last year.

I’m not a particular fan of the all white uniforms but obviously they worked. I’m just glad journalists avoided the obvious headline: “White Power!”. That said I wonder if the all white fad will extend to sideline jackets come fall. I’m picturing an all white trench coat with a pointy hood and thinking they may want to avoid that.

Offensively I guess we now know the reason that Chamblain closed practice was so that no one would get tipped off that our offensive game plan was to throw it Dressler on every play. Strategy worked because Hamilton never seemed to see it coming... even after the 12th time we did it. What a game for everyone’s favourite midget! Durant looked tuned it. I’ve seen Durant win many a game where he turned the ball over repeatedly so when he protects the ball all game you know the opposition is in trouble. Also how can you not love Kory Sheets. You have to go back to the early part of 2008 for the last time we had a ground game that I would consider dangerous. Sheets seems to be the perfect combination of size and agility. I see a big season in store for him if he keeps playing like that.

Getzlaf looks tuned in this year. Usually by now he’s dropped multiple passes in the preseason and a few in a game but this year he seems to be catching everything throw his way. Maybe now that he’s getting paid he decided it’s time to get serious about things

I think a phenomenal defensive performance was over-shadowed by 2 things. #1 the 89 yard TD run by Walker. Aside from that play, Hamilton really failed to get anything going along the ground. Though everyone knows the best way to stop the run against a Burris-led team is to get a lead. That ensures Burris will never hand it off and try the win the game by himself. #2 was the fact that we had no answer for Chris Williams. For most of the game it was pretty much just the Dressler and Williams show. Only difference is our show led to TDs while there’s led to FGs. Nick Graham in particular got lit up like a roman candle on Canada Day by Williams. Other than those 2 things though D played solid. Any time you don’t allow a passing TD you are obviously doing something right. Kromah and Brackenridge had big games. I had my reservations about our D but they passed the first test with flying colours. I am sad that that Mike McCullough’s lead in the sack race was so short lived.

PS – I wonder if Hamilton feels they are getting their $200k + worth out of those few token short receptions Fantuz had?

Hard not to be excited after a start like that but we’ve got a long way to go before the people who have staked out a spot on Albert Street for the inevitable Grey Cup parade get to see anything more that Cavaliers with Walmart spinners. For now though let us revel in this victory. A feel good moment like this has been a long time coming for this franchise. Let’s hope under Chamlblain’s leadership there are many more in store.


CK said...

If they have a good spot on Albert, they will probably see the Chad4Mayor Solstice. That car is an instant classic!

Rider Prophet said...

Haha its true that is an awesome car.

Saku said...

Great start to the season! Both of the sides of the ball looked good, though I hate stupid penalties.

As for Hamilton, Walker ran like someone was chasing him...though it didn't appear anyone was. Wow can he run!

I was quite happy to see Burris lose, and the blow out was just icing on the cake.

Looking forward to this week's game against Edmonton. Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

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