Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Tracking The Coaching Carousel

 I should start off today by explaining the post on Thursday. I realize by now you are probably used to my offseason posts being only loosely toed to football, but that one was a stretch even for me. Truth is I didn’t write it (the lack of spelling errors and overall coherency was likely a telling sign). I’ve got bills to pay and when a quality business (or less reputable one for that matter) shows an interest in putting their message on my blog, I am more than happy to oblige. So if there are any businesses out there who would like to do the same, drop me a line. From mail order brides to “natural” male enhancement, I welcome all. Hell for $10 I’ll let you devote an entire post to insulting one of your enemies… or friends.

But now I should make an attempt to get back to football related matters. The Riders’ search for a new head coach continues. Evidently the first rounds of interviews are wrapped up and a short list should be developed. Reports on front runners range from Dickenson to Chamblain to other Dickenson. The of course there is this whole Kent Austin business. Basically Kent wants free reign, a blank cheque, our first born and nightly massages from imported Japanese masseuses (okay that last one may just be on my Christmas list). Is he worth it? Probably. Could we do it? Yes. Should we do it? Probably not. To pay him more than double any head coach in the league not a wise move. Don’t get me wrong he’s a phenomenal coach but unless he can guarantee us non-stop Grey Cups until the next big opportunity comes along and he jets it’s just too much. Still would  be nice to get Austin back here.

In no particular order, here are my thoughts on the remaining candidates (you know the one with realistic demands):

Mike O’Shea – Maybe someday but he’s just way too inexperienced.
Corey Chamblain – Taman loves him… which instinctively causes me concern. If he gets hired it spells the end of Hall.
Mike Benvides – Only a matter of time before he’s named HC in BC… likely while wearing his DC’s, and typing on his PC and the MC will be KC and the Sunshine Band.
Craig Dickenson – Wouldn’t mind if it was him. He has experience in the CFL and the NFL, seems to succeed wherever he goes.
Richie Hall – For the love of god no!!!
Dave Dickenson – He’s now who I want. We could really use a bright young offensive minded coach.  Figure we can get him and his brother which has the makings of a good staff.
Tim Burke – I have no reason not to like him but the success of Stubler/Hall/Marshall as HC’s makes me leery of defensive coordinators. As the only coach with Winnipeg ties, he likely tops Taman’s list

Here’s what going with other teams:
BC – Buono has finally stepped down as coach and will likely install Benvides as his replacement. Squinting and onfield appearances to drop off dramatically.
Calgary – Already had Chris Jones poached from them for the low price of $5000. They have interviewed Greg Marshall as potential replacement. Talk about an epic drop in caliber of coaches. They have also interview Esks assistant Rick Campbell.
Winnipeg – Fired OC Jamie Baressi, have interviewed Riders Bob Dyce as a potential replacement.
Toronto – Made Scott Milanovich as the top guy, with Chris Jones as DC and for Als OL Coach John Himebauch as OC. If there was a record most dramatic increase in quality of coaching staff the Argos would have just shattered it.
Montreal – Named Marcus Brady as their new OC to replace Milanovich… giving further credence to the adage “those who can’t, teach”
Hamilton – Finally came to their senses and fired Bellefeuille. They are in a race with us for the services of Dave Dickenson and Kent Austin.

Last thing to talk about today is the return of Mo Lloyd to Riderville. I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical when I heard this since we have no clue whether we are getting 2008 Mo Lloyd who was awesome or 2010 Mo Lloyd who was awful. Then I heard we are only paying him $50,000  and at that price you can’t go wrong. If he’s still crap, we cut him, no big loss. If he’s good again, it’s a steal.

Another way to look at this move is: We are currently paying Sean Lucas over $100K … all Mo Lloyd has to do is be half as useful as Lucas and he will be earning his keep. Mo Lloyd can fail to cover opposing receivers just well as Lucas can.


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