Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Canada's Best Sports Blog

The results from the Canadian Blog Awards are in and (assuming some minor legal things in the state of Florida don't screw me) the Rider Prophet has been named Canada's Best Sports Blog!

A big thank you to everyone who voted and made this possible. Most people upon winning awards will talk about how humbling it is during their acceptance speech... I will do just the opposite.

I'd like to thank the folks on the interweb for finally acknowledging my outstanding achievements and overall excellence. This award makes me realize just how awesome I am and how superior I am in most facets of life. I'd like to thank a lot or people... I'd like to but I really have no one to thank but myself and to a lesser extent God. And as I sip my soda that I'm sure someone has spit in, I just would like to say to all of you: kiss my ass you rotten mother $^&^$&. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go home and put some water in Heroux's momma's dish. Good evening.

Though I can only assume that the large cheque I should be receiving as well as the ensuing endorsement offers are currently in the mail... they did give me this to honour my victory.

Though its a touching gesture, I really don't think that it is a fitting symbol of my outstanding achievement in the world of sports blogging. I think I need something a bit more becoming of a national icon. So I will be substituting the badge they gave me with a championship belt.


Steve said...

Here's to the Wiserhood!?

Craig said...

Interesting concept Steve. Although you likely have no idea just how compromising Prophet really is!

Anonymous said...

Congrats from Riderville!

Wilma said...

Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

last few days our class held a similar discussion on this topic and you show something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Lora

Anonymous said...

hello!This was a really impressive theme!
I come from milan, I was luck to approach your subject in digg
Also I get much in your blog really thanks very much i will come later

Anonymous said...

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