Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts: Weekend Edition

- Jason Armstead continued his yearly ritual of being arrested following an incident involving his girlfriend, a gun and a car, and subsequently being cut by his football team. Though I’ve never been a huge Armstead fan (even though he admittedly played awesome for us last year), you kind of have to feel sorry for the guy. Just imagine where his career might be if he could just avoid women, guns and cars... well and inexplicably kneeling on a kick returns too.

- In more positive Rider news, Rob Bagg signed a 2 years plus an option extension this week. Bagg is quickly developing into one of the best Canadian receivers in the game which is no small feat for someone who went undrafted. It’s amazing to think that vaunted receivers such as Greg Hetherington and Brad Smith managed to get drafted that year but Bagg did not.

- The Rider also signed LB Jim Maxwell and DL Vaalyn Jackson. Jackson spent some time on the practice roster last year while Maxwell spent the last 4 years bouncing around the NFL. I would like to get excited about this signings but having learned my lesson from my blind support of Gabe Nyenhuis last year, I will not be getting to emotionally invested in anybody until I see them in training camp.

- The Bombers made an odd move by cutting Sideeq Shabazz this week. Since arriving in Winnipeg Joe Mack and LaPo seem to be intent on dismantling the only good thing the Bombers had going for them... their D. They have now traded Gavin Walls for next to nothing and cut INT machine Lenny Walls and now impact LB (and cool name carrier) Shabazz. The defense carried that team last year and if they had had any offense at all they would have made the playoffs. Maybe its there’s something in the air in Manitoba because there seems to be a never-ending string of seemingly intelligent people who move to Winnipeg and lose their marbles... then again an intelligent person wouldn’t move to Winnipeg in the first place.

- Lastly the Ti-Cats announced that they have extended the contract of head coach Marcel Bellefeuille. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’ll know that I enjoy picking on Bellefeuille. And really, how can I not mock this guy? His “revolutionary” ball control offense led to many a futile offense in Riderville... not to mention one of the worst offensive outputs in ALs history during the brief time he was there. Heck even as OC for the Ti-cats his patented “shotgun draw, 5 yard hook and punt” method helped keep this Ti-cats stuck in the CFL’s basement. But ever since he was inexplicably promoted to Head Coach (seriously there was more compelling evidence for starting the war in Iraq than there was for promoting Marcel) he has actually managed to do well. Don’t get me wrong he still has his patented Bellefool moments... such as his misguided allegiances to Quinton Porter when clearly Kevin Glenn gives them the best chance to win. But he is actually doing a pretty good job in Hamilton and is helping them develop into a legitimate team again. It’s as if we are in some sort of bizzaro world. Though he may be doing well now I don’t see it lasting. I mean sure he did good last year and will probably do good again this year but if I know anything about Bellefeuille its that he’s likely to go 2 and out in the end.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: OL Sam Allen, OL Edwin Harrison (free agent signing)

In: DB Sammy Okpro (free agent signing)

In: DB Dave Casale, LB Shomari Earls, DB Travis Key, DE Ian Campbell (free agent signing)

In: WR Kerry Reed, WR Robert Jordan (free agent signing)

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