Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rider Prophet in The Media

In the days and hours leading up to the Grey Cup the Rider Prophet was a very popular guy. I posed for a ton of photos outside of McMahon on Sunday afternoon. Just like this one from the Calgary Sun… There's a short write up too. Check it out here.

Here another article from The Canadian Press… unfortunately it seems that reporter Shannon Montgomery is either colour blind or failed the unit on colours in Kindergarten because she writes that I “wore a blue and green housecoat and a white curly beard...” Look Shannon, if you don't correct your blatant inaccuracies soon, the only thing you'll be qualified to write is an online blog.

Lastly, here’s a link to my appearance on CBC National. Don’t blink though or you may miss me. After spending hours in my house, shooting a variety of scenes and shots, they decided to only use roughly 3 seconds of footage. Man, if they need to shoot an hour of footage for every second that makes it on TV, no wonder they are constantly asking for more government funding.

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reed's black said...

Well prophet not the way we all wanted it to end but i think you are right with the win/lose as a team and the riders are right not to tell the public who was the extra on the field because i think that somebody might go a little beyond shit on there lawn. speaking of shit what was that cbc thing, i can only assume it is alot like your love making short frustrating and when all said and done confused as to what just happened.

looking forward to next season with excitment