Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Prophecies Revisited

The season has come to a close and it’s time to look back and see just how accurate my preseason predictions were. As per usual, I will use a completely arbitrary scoring system (much like a French judge) in order to make me look good. Let's see how I did...

This season will be Durant's big chance to shine
While many are worried, I think we’ll be fine.
Western All-Star, Team MOP, led us to a 1st Place finish, yeah we were fine... 1 point

It won’t always be pretty but he’s got weapons galore
Dressler, Clermont, Fantuz, there’s no way we don’t score.
The large number of INTs weren’t pretty but #2 scoring offense in the league... 1 point

With Geno and Smith out the O-line will be new
But Parenteau will be awesome and Belton will too.
Line was new. Parenteau was okay, Belton was hurt... 0.5 points

Hugh Charles will do fine until Wes Cates get’s back
Get ready for a very potent offensive attack.
4 TDs in Cates’ brief absence... 1 point

Defense is a question mark but it sure won’t be plain
Mainly because Etch is quasi-insane.
Quasi-insane was an understatement... 1 point

Success won’t come quickly, it will take some time
But by midseason the D will be in their prime.
Struggled after a hot start, but played great down the stretch... 1 point

Our schemes will be unorthodox but that’s how it goes
Watch Baggs wreak havoc despite his pigeon toes.
Among lead leaders in sacks, 3 time defensive player of the week... 1 point

Patrick at safety will pick off more than a few
Unless you define “a few” as 1, Patrick’s 2 INTs aren’t quite enough... 0 points

And Sean Lucas will get recognition that's long overdue.
Western All-star... 1 point

Kavis Reed controls Special Teams and he ain’t no schmuk
I have a feeling for once our kick returns won’t suck.
Although they became dangerous late in the season, they sucked balls to start... 0.5 points

Our start won’t be pretty and fans will distress
“We want Printers and Dinwiddie!” they will obsess.
Durant’s early struggles had people calling for his head... 1 point

But we’ll climb back to 500 by our Labour Day feud
4-4 heading into Labour Day (damn I’m good)... 1 point

Unless we keep getting injured… in which case we’re screwed.
Injured – yes. Screwed – Surprisingly no... 0 points

A late season hot streak will turn the tide
On a wave of momentum the team will ride.
Only 1 loss in our last 5 games... 1 point

In terms of our record, I must confess
For the past 2 years I’ve had the same guess.
Same prediction again? what could be the harm?
11 – 7! (3rd time's the charm).
If not for that tie I would have been bang on... 0.5 points

With a 2nd place finish we’ll be playoff bound
To play BC at Mosaic’s hallowed ground.
Finished first, played the Stamps (at least the Mosaic part was right)... 0 points

Without Bishop to stop us, this time we’ll succeed
A last minute TD will give us the lead.
Rider Nation will once again be jolly
Clermont will be the hero and give the finger to Wally.
Then on to Calgary to take on the champs
Umm... well... the Bishop part was right... 0 points

This kills me to say, but we’ll lose to the Stamps.
We’ll exceed expectations but fall short on that day
We're not quite ready to go all the way.
Swing and a miss... 0 points

So there’s my predictions for the upcoming season
But if you’re skeptical it is with good reason.
For as history will show there’s no reason to dismay
A third of what’s written will be wrong anyway.
Gotta love the irony in correctly predicting how many predictions I would get wrong... 1 point

So the grand total is 12.5 points out of a possible 19 for a 66% accuracy rate. Which, convenially enough, is perfectly in line with my career accuracy rate. I’m nothing if not consistent.


Anonymous said...

I disagree that Hugh Charles was fine.... 3 tds but 3 fumbles as well....

Rider Prophet said...

...but 3 flips as well (2 of them back to back)! That more then made up for his fumble troubles and lowly 3.9 yards per carry.

Anonymous said...

yes the flips are entertaining... maybe the team could use a second mascott???

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