Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: A Tie?!

Riders 44 – Stamps 44

My poor heart. I already live a lifestyle that is not conducive to longevity but these crazy Rider games that go down to the wire are quickly erasing any remote chance I may have had to live ling enough to start enjoying the senior’s discount. Saturday’s thrilling double OT game was definitely worth the 8 hour drive… even though it ended in a tie. They say tying is like kissing your sister… which would explain why a tie is considered a great accomplishment in the province of Manitoba.

Here are my thoughts on the game:

- Though I must give credit to the residents of Calgary for correctly guessing my costume as Moses (not Santa, Jesus or Rosie O’Donell as I have been mistaken for before), I was somewhat concerned at the number of men that asked me what I was wearing beneath my robe. Guess I shouldn’t expect any different in the town responsible for the homoerotic bobsled celebration.

- The Riders started off very shaky. They were taking multiple offsides on both sides of the ball and didn’t really seem to have their head in the game. Fortunately they got their act together in the 2nd quarter and started making a game of it.

- Durant stepped up big time and played one of the best games of his career. Big yards, spread the ball around, came through under pressure and most importantly 0 turnovers.

- Luca Congi did a great job on punts and kickoffs. After being called out by the Rider Prophet, Congi responded by proving that given that chance he can be a superior kicker to an unemployed RB, back-up DB and an aged WR. He stepped up big time when we needed him and justified the coach’s decision to stick with him.

- Can we now label our offense “The Great White Hype”? After Walker went down to injury, we were fielding an all white O-line, all white receivers (at times all Canadian) and Foord and Szarka were regulars on the field... leaving Durant as the token black man on our offense.

- Clermont’s still got game and Johnny Quinn has good hands.

- That roughing call on Chick was absolute BS plain and simple!!

- That said if our defense had managed to stop the run once or twice during the game that ridiculous call would not have screwed us over. Reynolds ran the ball at will including 3 TDs so to say that call cost us the game is only part of the picture. No excuse for not winning when your offense puts up 44 points. Defense has to take responsibility for continually letting Calgary drive on them.

- Part of our run stopping problem had to do with Etch’s messed up formations. Numerous times I saw the front 4 line up normally only to have Shologan move out and line up outside of Stevie Baggs. Not surprisingly, Reynolds would often run at the spot vacated by Shologan.

All in all it was an exciting game between to of the top teams in the CFL and the Riders showed a ton of resiliency. With the exception of the overwhelming smell of feces for part of the game, it was an enjoyable road trip for the Rider Prophet crew. This Saturday’s game is just as big so hopefully the Riders can it up.

One last note... I think we should sign this guy as a special teams player


Steve said...

After such an amazing game, I'm curious as to your views of ties in the CFL? I'm not considering NFL style OT, but maybe the league should consider playing till there's a winner and/or have the NHL style 1 point for losing OT. I understand the physical fatigue but maybe bump it up to 3 or 4 mini-games.

This game just got me thinking and wanted to see what people and the prophet think.

Brent said...

They used to award the point for the loss. I think it's crap and I'm glad it's gone. Win for two, lose and get none, period.

As far as overtime goes, they should, at the very least, start them from the 45. Having instant field position is boring. Mind you, I think the shootout isn't really football anyhow. Have 2 five minute halves to determine a winner, and just don't make it sudden death like they do in the NFL.

Rider Prophet said...

I prefer the CFL style where both teams are on even footing in OT to the NFL style where a huge advantage is awarded based on a coin toss.

I hate the idea of awarding a point for an O/T loss even in hockey. A loss is a loss even if it took you longer to fail.

I agree with Brent about starting further back. I like the mini-games but I don't like how teams are placed in instead FG range, they should have to at least accomplish somthing to be able to score points.

All in all the CFL O/T may not be perfect but I prfer it over the NFL style. And besides even in the NFL, ties are still a possibility (though not according to Donovan McNabb).

Craig said...

While I don't like the idea of starting a team on the 35 yard line in overtime, it does provide the coaches with the attractive option of trying to punt for the win on first down...

Gov said...

I had a great line for you to use that I told Craig after the game. Thanks to the magic of alcohol, I don't remember said line

Rider Prophet said...

Don't worry Gov, if there's anyone who understands the magic of alcohol and its unfortunate sideffects its me.

Craig said...

Oh yeah... totally don't remember what the line was either, sorry Gov. I do have the picture from when you managed to get your hero's autograph though, if that's any consolation.