Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Belated Liberty Bird Weekend Edition

Riders 32 – Argos 22 (Exactly as I predicted for the record)

Despite the fact that I was way warmer and paying far less for booze (well at least per beverage. I’m pretty sure when it comes to total expenditures on the night I still somehow managed to surpass you all), I’m still very jealous of those of you who actually got to go to the game. Don’t get me wrong weddings, are fun but there’s just nothing quite like game day.

Anywho, here’s some random observations after watching the replay of the game:

- Holy return game Batman! It has been so long since I’ve seen the Riders consistently get good returns that I was starting to assume that it would never happen.

- Those gains in field position were even more important given that Luca Congi wasn’t gaining us much position on his punting and kick-off attempts. Attempts is actually a good way of describing them since they definitely weren’t successes. I love Luca but he punting and kick-offs definitely aren’t his forte.

- Darian played an unspectacular yet effective game. Ran well, controlled the ball and found the endzone repeatedly. No surprise that those 3 things led to a victory.

- In the spirit of the early winter season we’re enduring, the Riders were visited by 3 ghosts on Saturday. The ghost of failed 3rd quarters past, the ghost of presently can’t stop the run and the ghost of future 9 game injured list occupants with broken legs.

- Seriously, anyone but Dressler!

- Did I seriously see Antonio Hall field a kick-off return?? … upon further review, yes, yes I did.

- Pass defense was good with the exception of all those pass interference calls. Aside from penalties never being a good thing, I’m really not sure why our DBs felt the need to interfere with Toronto’s receivers. That’s like buying an expensive dinner for a hooker... you know they are just going to end up sucking so why go through the trouble.

- How do you end up be left with a choice between someone who just got concussed and someone who just tore their oblique as your only option at QB?

- And how do you end up opting for the concussed guy?

We might not have finished the game as strong as we should have but at the end of the day we won when we should have so you gotta be happy with that. Next up is a first place battle in Calgary. And you know what that means... ROAD TRIP!

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whoyadally said...

maybe KIA will get Congi to do a commercial for them:

Congi punts the ball and falls over. Close up of Congi. "Punting isn't my forte . . . but that is" Congi points to KIA Forte on sideline as the punt returner speeds by him in the back ground.

probably wouldn't sell too many of them in Saskatchewan but . . .