Saturday, July 4, 2009

259th Post Extravaganza

Due to the lack of ornate gift baskets and email greeting cards I have received I’m going to go ahead and assume that you forgot what today is. That’s okay, other than the crippling emotional damage this will cause me, I’ll be fine.

Curious about why today is so important? It’s more than just Independence Day. More than the birthday of Geraldo Riviera. More than just the 27th Saturday of the year…

It’s the 2nd Anniversary of the Rider Prophet!!

This means we’ve outlasted most blogs, marriages, sitcoms and minority governments.

It’s been another good year for The Rider Prophet, here are some of the highlights:
- Riderfans Gainer Award for Most Memorable Post,
- Nominated for 4 Canadian Blog Awards
- Twice Featured on the main page

The 2nd anniversary is of course the cotton anniversary. Truth be told I’m holding out for the 6th which is the iron anniversary or the 16th which is the obsidian one (you can never have enough iron or obsidian). We may just skip next year’s anniversary as it is the leather anniversary and there’s concern amongst me and Media Consultant as to just how Man In The Bush will take that.

Anywho, in the spirit of celebrating our cotton anniversary, I’m proud to launch the first series of official Rider Prophet Merchandise. Three ways to proudly display your love of the Rider Prophet… if by chance you don’t love the Prophet they also make good rags, handkerchiefs or reusable diapers.

Click the link below out the new Rider Prophet Store for yourselves.


As we head into our 3rd full year, I’d just like to thank all 7.5 of our readers for sticking with us even though I know it hasn’t always been easy. I would also like to thank the people I’ve insulted and minority groups I’ve offended over the past 2 years for not pursuing legal action.

For those of you curious about what the future holds in store…

They’ll never stop the Rider Prophet. Have no fear I’ve got stories for years. Like, Man In the Bush becomes a robot, maybe Media Consultant gets a cell phone, has Prophet ever owned a bear? Or how about a crazy wedding where something happens and doo-doo doo-dooo

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Skid said...

So how many orders for these fantastic shirts do you have so far?????