Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Time

Starting tomorrow, I will be off on a well deserved vacation. Okay the “well deserved” part may be a bit of a stretch but I will be taking 2 weeks vacation regardless.

It’s really unfortunate that my vacation happens to coincide with one of the craziest news weeks so far in the CFL. Major injuries to Perry, Simpson and Eiben; Armstead and Kizer cut; Stanford Samuels re-signed; Dinwiddie to start; all that and I haven’t even gotten to the big Rider game. It’s like an all you can eat buffet of awesome stories and I have to pass.

But fear not, I will not leave you high and dry while I’m away. It would be a shame to let stories as good as these go without some biting commentary and politically incorrect humour.

In my absence, Media Consultant will be running the show… a move I already regret. I can only imagine the mess I have to deal with upon my return. With that in mind I have prepared the following disclaimer:

The Rider Prophet assumes no responsibility for anything written or done by Media Consultant in his absence. The views expressed by said Media Consultant do not necessarily represent those of the Rider Prophet and are likely nothing more than the senseless ranting of an employee who is disgruntled because he works for free.

There, now that that is handled I leave you in the hands of Media Consultant… May God have mercy on your souls.


PS - As part of my vacation, I will be heading to Calgary for the Rider game on August 2nd along with Media Consultant. If you are making the trip as well be sure to come up and say hi.

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Anonymous said...

The last time I spoke to Prophet was after the Rider game on Saturday night. He said to me, "Listen Media Consultant, I already regret it. It's not going to be pretty, and maybe even somewhat painful, but someone has to do it."

Once he got that bit out of the way about the girl he was taking home, he asked me to take over the blog in his absence. Should be fun.