Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Picture

Well today is that Hallmark-created, over-commercialized holiday we refer to as St. Valentine's Day. What a magical day this is. I mean if expressing your love for someone once a year on a pre-designated day by buying them the same box of chocolates every other guy in town bought their significant other and attaching a card containing a message of love written by someone you've never met isn't romantic I don't know what is...

By the way if you are reading this and going "Oh my God that's today?!" I suggest that once you finish reading this you immediately run out and make a vain attempt at doing something romantic for your significant other. If you are reading this and saying "Oh my God that's yesterday?!", it's probably too late... though this likely explains the mysterious foul mood your partner has been in.

Now, many of you may recall the troubles I had with being mistaken for Santa. What you may not know is that the Rider Prophet, on occasion, has been mistaken for that little imp of love, Cupid. Allow me to clarify this misconception.

- Cupid is the symbol of St Valentine's Day, Prophet is the symbol of Rider Pride
- Cupid carries around a bow and arrow, Prophet carries around a microphone and camera
- Cupid shoots arrows that make people fall in love, Prophet fires off jokes that make people fall on the floor laughing.
- Cupid has little wings and flies around. Prophet recently realized that no matter how much he drinks, he will never achieve this.
- Cupid is the god of love. Prophet is a god at love.
- Cupid is frequently pictured wearing a diaper or nothing at all... Prophet cannot recall being pictured wearing a diaper.


Anonymous said...

it's free agent wkend and the Prophet is silent on predicting the rider free agent signings!

And no predictions for other teams either!

what's up with that Prophet?

The masses need your guidance and free agent news!

Anonymous said...

I was out of town this weekend but rest assured I will have a full report on the flurry of CFL activity tommorow.