Monday, January 7, 2008

Back In Business

Good day Rider fans, Rider Prophet here as promised with a new post. We've now reached that unfortunate time of the year we call the offseason. The excitement of last season is starting to die down and next season is a long ways away. To make matters worse, there's not even any CFL news to talk about which effectively means that your contribution to conversation at morning coffee is non-existent. Well fear not, for the Rider Prophet is here to help you through this rough stretch. So let's get things started shall we...

Top 10 ways you can tell it's going to be a long offseason
10) You tried to start the wave at Christmas dinner
9) You start missing the XFL
8) We re-sign an O-lineman and there's a half page article in the Leader Post
7) Your doctor told you at your annual physical that you have high cholesterol, and all you could think of is how much you hate Wally Buono
6) You actually start to miss the sound of Chris Walby's Voice
5) You're so desperate to see a CFL game that you watch an Ottawa Renegades' game on ESPN Classic
4) You keep track of the date in terms of how long it is until the start of training camp
3) You've been having inexplicable cravings for watermelon since early December
2) Your insatiable desire to see the Green and White play football caused you to inexplicably watch NY Jets games
1) You rationalize that once you get by Ground Hog's Day, Spring Break, Family Day, Valentine's Day, the vernal equinox, St. Patrick's Day, the Jewish celebration of Purim, Easter, April Fools Day, Buddha's Birthday, Mother's Day and May Long it's only a few short weeks until the preseason.

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