Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Riders' Wins Hit Double Digits

For the first time since 2003, the Riders will have double digits in the win column and finish with a winning record. On Sunday, the Riders knocked off the Ti-cats 40-23 to earn their 10th win of the season, putting them only one win away from cementing a home playoff game. In related news, Rider fanatics have already been spotted scoping out prime spots along Albert St for the "inevitable" Grey Cup parade... a yearly tradition after beating the Ti-cats.

How about Andy Fantuz?! He runs that corner route as good as anyone in the league. He finished with 3 TDs and 240 yds. Which, for the record, was 37 yds more than all of Hamilton's receivers combined.

Although we did win handily, it's still worth noting that our defense had some troubles. Seriously how bad is your coverage when a guy can fall down while making a diving catch and still have time to get up and run 5 yds for a TD?

For the second time this year, a brawl broke out in a Rider game... What do these two incidents have in common? If you said 'the Riders got robbed both times', you are correct! For the record, I also would have accepted 'the referee couldn't speak English'. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in Mike Abou-Mechrek and Jermese Jones. Not for getting ejected from the game, but for not paying attention. Just weeks ago, they watched from the sidelines as Sherko Haji-Rasouli and Rob Murphy remained in the game after coming to their quarterback's defense. Abou-Mechrek and Jones should clearly have known that the generally accepted form for pivot protection in the CFL is liberal punches and the occasional chokehold.

After the game, Rider captain Jeremy O'Day explained his anger towards the officials (which netted an objectionable conduct penalty) by saying that it seemed the refs were pulling numbers out of the air when deciding who should be ejected. From what I understand, the officials were originally planning to eject 53, 67, 62 and 34, but ultimately only showed Abou-Mechrek and Jones the gate upon realizing that Saskatchewan didn't have anyone wearing 62 and that George Reed hasn't suited up in years.

Jermese Jones explained his anger over the situation by saying that he was asking the officials why he was getting ejected and no one was able to tell him. I guess it would have been wrong for them to say "you've been ejected under the Corey Rodgers provision." At least there’s some precedence.

Message to Kent Austin: DJ Flick apparently responds very well to personal issues and not practicing. Last week his family was involved in a nasty car accident so he missed practice all week to be with them. He proceeded go out and rack up 157 yds. This week his wife gives birth to premature twins. He doesn't practice again but still manages 87 yds and a TD. While I wish no more hardship for Flick, it really does seem to boost his on-field production... Maybe he has a beloved puppy or something that could befall some tragedy. (Note: The Rider Prophet does not advocate killing animals... even if it is for noble causes).

It wasn't all good news this week though. I was always convinced that Matt Dominguez's knee was worse than they were letting on. My suspicions were confirmed when he was finally placed on the 9 game injured reserved list thus ending his season. I wish Matt all the best in his rehab and hope he can be back in green and white come '08. It's truly unfortunate, but Dominguez should look on the bright side - at least he's not a horse, because if he was he would have been shot 3 times by now.

Speaking of horses that should be put down... The Stampeders managed to beat the struggling Bombers, lead by a strong performance by a returning Henry Burris. By my calculations Burris is overdue for his annual fall collapse, but it's still coming. Rider Prophet will keep you posted on Burris Choke Watch '07.

This week Edmonton showed us all what they do best... collapse in the 4th quarter. Somehow, back-up Stephan Lefors managed to lead the Eskimos to a lead over the league leading BC Lions. Then part way through the 4th quarter Maciocia must have reminded them that they are the Edmonton Eskimos, at which point they promptly went out and lost the game.

Q: What's the difference between the Eskimos and a loonie?
A: You can get 4 quarters out of a loonie.

Well that’s it for now. I once again apologize for not having the video from Calgary up. I seem to have misplaced the cord for my camera and am currently trying to track down another one. Look at me making repeated excuses for failing at a simple task. Now I know how Danny Macciocia feels.

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