Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Thoughts on Week 8

Before I get to what's going on in the CFL, I would like to start off by mentioning that in a recent article, Leader Post writer Tim Switzer commented that the Rider Prophet is his favourite Roughrider blogger on in the internet. Thanks Tim, always appreciate good feedback.

If you want to check out the article click here.

Now on to the CFL. There was so much to talk about this week that I didn't get to it all on Monday (and if you don't believe that then I was just lazy on Monday and only started feeling ambitious again today).

We'll start off in BC, where it seems Wally Buono just can get a break. Well actually he's getting more breaks than he can handle. Just when it looked like Buck Pierce was back in his groove and the Lions' hopes were rising... It all came crashing down... again. When Pierce went down in the Calgary game, we were left wondering what he hurt this time. Was it his turf toe, his tender ribs, his sore wrist, his duodenum, achy breaky pelvis, gas? Turns out it was none of those and Buck added another injury to his already long list of ailments by separating the shoulder on his throwing arm. This leaves Buono with only Jarious Jackson yet again. OlSquinty can't be happy with that and I'm sure the second Buck went down, he started talking to Dickenson. I bet the conversation went something like this:

Wally: So you'll be good to go in 2 weeks?
DD: Umm... Wally my brains are scrambled. One bad hit and I could die.
Wally: I don't care just get the ball downfield!

Wally may be an amazing coach but you can sure tell what he values more: a win or the health of his players. Sources say that Pinball may not be the only guy trying to get a hold of Nealon Greene.

On to Toronto where the Argonauts have signed former Alouette running back Robert Edwards. I was surprised that the Argos picked Edwards up. Not because he's a bad player just because the Argos seem to prefer signing people that have been cut by 2 teams as opposed to just 1.

Finally back here in Saskatchewan, Corey Holmes arrived in Regina last night around 11pm. Over 100 fans turned out to welcome him. The fan support really touched Corey who is happier than Mr. Rogers on Prozac to be back in Queen City.

A passerby who wasn't a big Rider fan commented that he wasn't aware that Carlton from Fresh Prince was coming to town but was impressed to see such a big crowd gather to greet him nonetheless.

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on this week's 2 games in the East.

Until next time, I'm the Rider Prophet.

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