Friday, November 11, 2022

2022 Fans’ Choice Douchebag of the Year – Vote Now

Each year we allow you the reader to vote on who deserves special recognition for their outstanding achievements in the field of douchebaggery. While an online poll may not be the most statistically valid method, I have never had to rescind a Douchebag award hours after it was announced so I’m still miles ahead of certain unnamed sports leagues.

I am assuming that this year’s vote is a formality but that is up you the fans to decide who will join the likes of Jon Cornish, Henry Burris, Jason Maas and Simoni Lawrence and be forever etched in history as a Douchebag.

This year’s nominees:

Garett Marino – If I have to explain the reasons he is a nominee then you have clearly mistakenly clicked on the wrong blog. Let’s just say I’m sure his brother Dan is very disappointed.

Duke Williams – He hit a guy with his helmet in warmups. He was alleged (again) to spit on people (let’s be serious be probably did) and he took a penalty in a game he didn’t even dress in. This is what his massive contract bought us as opposed to the onfield success we expected.

Andrew Harris – Did nothing particularly douchy this year but he is the defending champion and I feel deserves the right to defend his title. He is more nominated for generally giving off vibes of being a douchy guy.

Andrew Pickett – Got fined for two separate high hits in the same game and then the very next game went out and delivered another dirty hit.

Jason Maas – Let’s be honest, you hate him. And if he wins this year, he would become the only 3 time Douchebag of the Year ever… and we all know how much Maas loves 3s.

Other – comment below to do a write in vote.

Vote here: or on my Twitter (but do it quick before the company implodes)

This award along with all the other illustrious Rider Prophet Awards will be handed out after the Grey Cup.


RU4Real said...

TSN announcers, Randy Ambrosie, Rider Board of Directors, CFL Board of Directors

Dan said...

RU4Real offers some legit options.

I voted for the Duke for the triple combo of nonsense antics, shit play and wasted dollars that could have been spent on our o-line where it would have really made a difference. Never want to see that SOB in green again.

Anonymous said...

I said it earlier here, Prophet, that Bo is more likely to land in Hamilton than Regina. TiCats just traded for his rights. I'll repeat what else I also said. Fajardo likely re-ups for a year in Regina. I just don't see any other teams besides the Riders who would give him a starting job.