Friday, October 7, 2022

Riders vs. Ticats: Desperation Bowl

 Apologize in advance as I only have time for very abbreviated sentimonies instead of my usual game preview. Please feel free to take 50% of your annual membership fee to compensate.

June seems like such a long time ago. We opened the 2022 season with a thorough drubbing of the Ti-Cats. We seemed to be taking the first step towards a solid season. I will spare you the torture of rehashing the 14 games that followed but... yeah its not been great.

I call the the desperation bowl because there is one playoff spot left and while mathematically nothing can be decided in the game, realistically the winner of this will most likely get the final playoff spot. A sad fight over table scraps for 2 teams that were supposed to be fighting for top spot in their respective division. 

Here's where I get brief. Objectively I think the Riders are a better team and should win this game. BUT... having watched this team's decline over the past 2 months, I honestly get the feeling they will find a way to lose this. Nothing about this team instills confidence. Our best chance for victory is Dane Evans playing like Dane Evans (i.e. handing our turnovers like he runs a free bakery), which is possible. 

Our offense scores so few points they would have fir seamlessly into last night's Thursday nighter. Even if they defense suddenly remembers how not to suck (and as a side note, relying on Blace Brown to spark your defensive play is pretty far down the list of things that instill confidence).

I will be cheering for them, ready to have my heart broken again but I don't see a win coming.

(You are welcome in advance if the Riders get a spite win).


pantsonfire said...

I can't believe I'm saying this.
The playoffs get a goodbye kiss.
The TiCats get win #5.
The Riders barely stay alive.

Rider Prophet said...

Nailed it... unfortunately