Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Le Coup De Pied Au Derriere

Riders 13 – Als 37

Well what can you say about that game that hasn’t already been said about unclogging a toilet. It was unpleasant, stunk and we hope to never have to endure that again anytime soon. The game was essentially over on the opening kickoff the remaining 59 minutes and 48 seconds were really just rubbing our nose in it.

Not that people on the prairies are prone to overreaction but I do feel compelled to remind you that as much as that game sucked (as in suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked) the team had to play a road game on 5 days rest. What you saw in that game is not indicative of what you would have seen on a full week’s rest. I’m not saying that’s an excuse for not showing up in any way to a game, I’m just saying its not doom and gloom and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how they bounce back next game after 9 days rest and the comforts of home.

It was so considerate of the other 4 members of our O-line to play like such utter garbage that no one would even notice whether Bandy struggled. Great show of solidarity to take pressure off the kid. I mean I’m sure Fajardo wasn’t a fan of that plan but screw that guy hey? That may have been the worst game I’ve ever seen Ferland play. He looked lost at times. And more and more I’m wondering what is up with Evan Johnson? I was pumped when we signed him because I thought we were getting a stud guard. I have yet to see him be anymore than adequate in 2 seasons here and adequate would have been an exponential improvement over his performance Thursday. Na’ty Rodgers remains firmly entrenched atop my hated list. Not only is he not good at his job, he also added another major penalty to the 4 penalties he took last week. Vaughn has not been great either but Rodgers is terrible. Makes me long for the days of Brett Boyko, or Charles Thomas or a cardboard cutout of Gene Makowsky. I can only assume that the only reason Jamal Campbell is not playing is because he’s our lone remaining Canadian OL and he needs to be our depth. Otherwise why is he not playing... no way he's worse than Rodgers. Yes folks we’ve been reduced to feeling impacts of Josiah St John not being available and looking fondly on the slightly less awful tackles we had least season. This is low. 

So I have my criticisms about the play calling of Maas and Cody has his issues but there is a pretty limited playbook for zero blocking and few QBs that can be effective when the O-line plays like they hate him and want to see him suffer. Now our extended foray into terrible OL play has got me to wondering about the competence of Stephen Sorrels. I mean its his entire job to coach our O-line. In pretty much any other occupation sucking at the core purpose of your job would put your employment in jeopardy. I will also take this opportunity to note that for a team very reliant on wide receiver screens, we aren’t very good at blocking on said screens. Partly a product of being predictable and defenders beating the blocks because its so obvious what we are running but I really noticed in that game the contrast between Montreal who were effective at blocking on those plays and us that we not very good. Either coach them up to do it better or quick calling plays we suck at.

Super awful to lose Shaq again. He was looking in 2019 form and now will be gone for a while. Gotta feel for the guy. I hope he learns from last year and doesn’t rush back before he’s actually fully healed.

Defensively we did only allow 1 TD and was because Lokombo shaded inside when he should have shaded outside (rookie mistake). We allowed way too many yards and FGs but when the special teams and offense are actively working against you, 23 points is not a terrible outing. 6 penalties is still too much but I won’t harp too much on the D. I will note that Pete Robertson is quickly becoming a very good player. 

For a team coached by a career special teams coach, I’m pretty disappointed about how our special teams have been. Aside from Lauther, not much has been going well. Vedvik is kicking like a guy intent on making Jon Ryan look not so bad by comparison. Blocking for our returns has been so-so and clearly our coverage teams need some work.

All in all it was a crappy night of football. Burn the tape, rest up and come out this weekend and prove it was an anomaly and not indicative of what were in store for in the rest of the season.  


Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised by Evan Johnson. Have the same thoughts as youl Zack Evans was a stud in Ottawa & after coming home didn't do much. Nobody bothered picking him up after he was let go. Boyko was going to revive his career coming home. Turns out he was what we though he was.

Evans out, Clark out. Things are going to get tougher from here on out.

Rider Prophet said...

Evans I would argue was more about stage of career. He spent his prime 4 years in Ottawa, was still a contributor here in 18 and really declined in 19. So Evans played 6 seasons prior to returning to SK. Johnson had played just 3. These should still be his prime years... In theory

Govind said...

I agree with pretty much 100% of this and am very intrigued with the idea of starting the Geno cut-out next game. When I look at the short week the following I think are attributable to that:
-Being a step slow getting into the gap allowing big special teams and plays on D. Same with getting off blocks and if I am being charitable, being beaten up front on the o-line.
-Just a step slow overall
Not due to the short week:
-Crappy punting. When Vedvik had a short one from mid field in the first half, you could see Dickenson giving him hell on the sidelines...then he did it again later!
-Roughing penalties after the whistle and jumping off-side

Did it look to you like Lokomobo may have thought he had help deep?
Interesting thing on our receivers blocking. Down the field they are good at hustling and creating YAC. McInnis put Gainey on his ass in Edmonton and Prall blocked Lawrence vs Hamilton. But when it comes to blocking on the hitch screens it's a different story

Rider Prophet said...

Yeah I wondered about lokombo thinking he had help overtop.

As for blocking that's the thing I don't get. I've seen them do it and do it well, just not on those screens. Makes me wonder how much of an impact us being predictable has.

Anonymous said...

Agreed short week no excuse. All teams have one. Stamps & Bombers have 2 this year. Bombers play away in TO next Monday & in BC the following friday. Get better indication where we are in Als rematch this week.