Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rider Prophet Live Draft CFL Draft Day Blogging


SeeSeeRider said...

Well, I was spot on with Mattland Riley. But another 6'4" receiver next up? As we batted around in last Monday's Sentimonies, we got 2 twin towers already, one of which should pan out. Maybe we go 2 Cdn's here but I think we could have used another OL. When 3DownNation looked at our National depth pre-draft, they noted all our backups had a combined 5 starts, all of them by St.John over 4 seasons. THREE highly rated OL in 3DN's top 25 were still available when we picked a DB in ROUND 5 - Gangrossa (13), Asse (21) & Regina's Becker (25). Riley was 37 on their list & not on the CFL top prospects list either but I'm okay with that. BTW teams stayed close to form with selecting almost everyone ranked 1,2 or 3rd round except a territorial pick, Gallimore & Claypool who wasn't selected at all. In essence, we ended up likely with no one that wasn't ranked 4th round or lower. Montreal led everyone with 5 highly rated prospects. Of course when you end up with only 1 pick until #30, this is not unexpected.
My beef is what has this regime done since last fall to try to restock the cupboard after using up their 2nd round & 3rd round picks in 2018 & 2019? There has been ample time to work out trades for assets a 1st place team surely has. With Bladek & Blake both gone, why are we looking at another tall beanpole receiver? We need help in the trenches, both sides. We basically stood still in FA & O'Day said he would address this via camps down south (good luck with that) & the draft. We didn't exactly run away with the West title & had some really good luck - a MTL forfeit, 2 games vs Winnipeg w/o Harris, all 3 games w/o Nichols & Collaros, no Trevor Harris & a lot of rested starters in the season 2 game set with Edmonton. I'm somewhat disappointed in the inaction. Anyway, we'll see what happens, should there be a season of some sort.

Rider Prophet said...

Yeah you nailed the Riley pick. I think it's a good safe unsexy pick. The WR pick really surprised me given other needs. I would love to know what the deal with Asse was. Either Ottawa lucked out or every team knew something significant about a top ranked prospect. I think ODay really believes in Schram and so as long as one of Bennett or Riley pan out, you are 5 deep an interior.

ODay has definitely chosen to stand Pat with last year's roster (minus Micah and Moncrief). We will have to see if his slow and steady approach pays off

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