Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Official Prophecies 2019

It's time for my annual prophecies and I'm continuing what I started last year and taking a bit of a different slant on the format. Hope you enjoy.

Yo, avid readers, let's kick it!
Prophet baby
Rider Prophet baby

All right stop, grab a drink and listen
Prophet’s back with a brand new prediction
Prophecies, something I don’t take lightly
And I stick to em’ wrongly or rightly?
Will we reach the top?
Yo, I don't know
Turn up my mic and I’ll flow
To the extreme, I drop my thoughts on this year
I just they don’t cause much fear
Beginning will be better than expected
The Jones awful start, Dickie will get corrected
Deadly, that’s what we’ll see from our D
As long as someone doesn’t get a felony
Ugly, not pretty, That will remain the tone
Best news yet, we’ll find the endzone
If there was a problem
Yo, Dickie’ll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Prophet baby
Rider Prophet baby

Now Rider Nation is jumping
Start 6-2 and the fans be bumpin’
Quick to the point, the sacks we’ll rake in
Front 4 cooking QBs like a pound of bacon
Lock down, will our defensive aim
Elimimian will play less than 10 games
Big years for Moncrief and Marshall
Also towards Cam Judge I am partial
Rollin at second in west
On Labour Day you know we’re still the best
But that’s when it will falter
And the course of the season it will alter
Will people freak out?
Only excessively
Late season skid put postseason in jeopardy
I immediately regret trying to rhyme with jeopardy
But are we dead?
No! we’ll continue despite calls for everyone to be fired

Collaros will be better but he’ll be no genie
Powell will run our offense he’ll be a meanie
Offense will be better but people will whine
More TDs and INTs less than 9
Fajardo will start 1 or 2
Look for Kyran Moore to have a breakthrough
Come year end we’ll be 10 and 8
Third place with the Bombers on plate
Playoffs at IG Field
Hard fought game where we refuse to yield
Collaros will have a big game
Nichols? Well he’ll come up lame
Onto the Stamps at McMahon
But things won’t go according to plan
That’s what I see
In 2019
But don’t worry too much, been years since I’ve been right

If there is a problem
Yo, O’Day’ll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Prophet baby
Rider Prophet baby


Govind said...

Nicely done. I do request a video version of this with you rapping. In full Prophet costume.
Word to your mother

Rider Prophet said...

Hahaha I'll get on that. What should be on my gold chain?

FoolMeOnce said...

Same old team run again by Zach
Don't expect much from that attack.
Jones ain't round to coach the D
A shadow of 18 we will be.
You ain't the first to place them 3rd
Funniest thing that I have heard.
Bombers, Stamps, Lions, Eskies
Those predictions much more sexy.
Alas the Riders fast descent
This year land them in da basement.
Too much "old", not enough youth.
Sad to say but dats the truth.

Can hope for the best but, sorry Rider, this old team ain't the 2nd coming of the 2013 squad.

Rider Prophet said...

While I disagree with your assessment I commend your lyrical and rhyming skills