Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Los CFL Draft Mexicano

If you thought the CFL Draft was exciting just wait until you experience the CFL Mexican draft. Its 2… or 3… or 4… honestly they haven’t seemed to settled on a number yet and will probably just continue until every team passes or they realize they accidentally drafted a donkey (who I bet could be turned into the greatest kicker we’ve seen in years). I’m hoping the draft coverage is just all the regular panel in sombrero’s and fake moustaches with the Mexican hat dance song on repeat.

All jokes aside, I’m not as against this experiment as many are. Do I think there is an untapped plethora (big word for a Monday) of all-star calibre talent waiting there to be scooped up? No. Do I think the CFL will suddenly become the second biggest thing next to soccer in Mexico? No. But there may be handful of good players. And if even a couple make it an active roster (no guarantee) it could draw additional audience to the CFL… and that grows revenues. And isn’t that the commissioner’s job?

There is definitely risk here but its called a risk/reward scenario not super safe bet/huge payoff scenario. It may also take a few years for the full value of this experiment to be fully realized. But I like that the CFL is trying. Trying to grow the game, trying to expand its fan base, trying to make money. American expansion is widely acknowledged as a huge failure but it gave the league a much needed cash injection at a critical time. This experiment is far less risky and far less permanent that that was. So what’s the harm in trying? It may fail but it may not. Trying absolutely nothing new though, that is more likely to fail.  

Timing is far from ideal with the CBA still unsettled and the veteran players that are the core of this league still in limbo. I do think that should be a bigger priority. But while I will crack many a joke at this whole Mexican thing, I will not dismiss the idea completely. Just imagine the merchandising options if some dude named Paco makes the Riders. I mean Mexico seems to be all in on the Rider poncho thing already (those things are everywhere) but Rider sombreros, Rider tequila, 3 foot chimichangas at Rider games. Count me in.

I’ll have full draft results breakdown later in the week. The Rider pick 6th. The positive is that most people will know only slightly less about the Mexican prospects than the Canadian ones.

NFL Watch:
LB Sam Eguavoen (Ssk) – signed with Miami
WR Jordan Williams-Lambert (Ssk) – signed with TBD
LB Alex Singleton (Cal) – signed with Philadelphia
WR Bryant Mitchell (Edm) – signed with Arizona
OL Rykar Matthews (Ham) – signed with New England

K Lirim Hajrullahu (Ham) – tryout with Seattle

CFL Ins and Outs

In: K Justin Medlock, LS Chad Rempel (re-signed)
Out: DB Chris Randle (released)

In: DL Danny Mason (re-signed)


Govind said...

It would make my day if Jones traded down in the Mexican draft for more picks

Anonymous said...

Good comment. He could then package the lot & trade them & the donkey he got in round 8 to the eskimos for the rights to Mike Reilly before he hits free agency. I hear they need a kicker since O'Neil is unsignrd.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Jones gone to Cleveland. Always knew he was leaving Regina but now? Really bad timing since the coaching hires have been made & Riders now have to fill multiple positions to cover off Jones.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones again puts the " it's not me, it's you" reverse spin on his latest match. Runaway bride - quelle surprise.

Rider Prophet said...

Timing sucks but anyone who didn't know this day would come eventually was not paying attention.

Selfless said...

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