Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Official Predictions 2018

With this being the 12th year of doing predictions (holy crap hey?!?), I figured it was time to change up the format somewhat. It's tough enough being witty in rhyme once let alone repeatedly over a decade. But I didn't want to stray too far from the prediction format that has set me apart from lesser prognosticators since dickety '07 so I think this is a good compromise. 

I'm guessing most of you will figure what I've ripped off... err artistically altered and enhanced I mean. If you don't get it and you're old, ask your children. If you don't get it and you're young, ask your parents. 

Official Predictions 2018

Now this is a story all about how 
I think 2018 will go down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there 
I'll tell you how I think the Riders will fare

In the West Division is where we hope to stay
To appear in the playoffs at the end of the day
We will start out strong acting all cool
Powered by a defense making teams look like fools
When a couple of OL will start playing no good
And start making trouble in Zach's neighbourhood
We'll go on one losing slide and fans will get scared
And cry "Fire Chris Jones" plus a whole lot of swears

I'll beg and plead with McAdoo day after day 
To run the ball more to help our O find their way
But he'll think randomly inserting the 3rd QB is the ticket
It will fail and so we might as well kick it

Third place come Labour Day
Beat the Bombers and start a strong second half on the way
Collaros will start slow but then soar to new heights
hmmmm this might be alright

We'll be closing in on second when playoffs come near
But won't get past 3rd place I fear
In the West Semi we'll beat the Stamps, a feat no so rare
but no further for us the Esks will beat us right there

A successful season at 10 and 8
But another Grey Cup will have to wait until later
So good people I'll end this right there
But I'm rarely right so please don't despair



Anonymous3 said...

Anonymous3 said...

That originally said
"Slow Clap" but I but less than and greater than signs around it so Blogger thought it was an html tag. LOL

Bryce Taylor said...

There must be some combination of 'McAdoo' and 'The Sneak' that works out to much amusement, but that's all I've got.

Bryce Taylor said... for a better quality version of the video. I move this is our theme song when our backup QB comes in for one play.

Anonymous said...

If Zach is great & does just fine.
At LEAST 3rd place will be the line.
If on Collaros Jones has miffed.
We may be consigned down to fifth.

The OL surely must be better.
And keep clean Zach Collaros' sweater.
Our National depth I also fear.
May be our downfall in this year.

WIth no National to back up Messam
We'll run with imports I am guessin'
And should we have to start Sam Hurl
Another problem does unfurl.

In short despite there is much hope
With injuries we cannot cope.
We're in the middle of the herd
But still can win the Cup from third.

Rider Prophet said...

Bryce - I'll keep that in mind for my next parody

Anon - Very well done... almost too well done. Don't hone in on my territory! There's not enough room for two Rider rhymers. :)