Saturday, April 28, 2018

CFL Draft 2018 Team Preview: Calgary Stampeders

The Stamps have been the model of drafting and developing as a means of long-term success. Of their 32 Canadians just 2 were not draft picks or players originally recruited by the Stamps.

Picks: 9 picks, first selection is 8th Overall

2017 Draft Assessment: A bit of a mixed bag. They traded up to grab Randy Colling in Round 1 only to have him only play in 2 games. He should see a bigger role this year. In Round 2 they grabbed Julan Lynch which in and of itself was not a bad thing except for the fact that it was far from an area of need. The big positive came I Round 3 where they got Tunde Adeleke who made an immediate impact as a kick returner as well as seeing time on defense. Not a bad draft but nothing spectacular either.

Potential Pipeline: OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff (NFL - Kansas City, though I don’t expect to ever see him up north)

Current Strengths: Alex Singleton is one of the best LBs in the League. His Canadian passport is just a bonus. Colling and Mrabure should have them solid to start a Cdn at DL (I would include Junior Turner in there but injuries have kept him to just 13 games over the past 2 seasons so health is a concern with him). Throw in the emerging Adeleke and they likely will be starting 3 Cdns on defense. The OL trio of Wilson, Begrman and Erdos all 30 years or young is an asset. One thing I find weird is that they have ridiculous amount of highly drafted Cdn WRs. Durant, Parker, Lynch and Brescacin all taken in Rounds 1 or 2. Paredes and Maver remain the best kicking combo in the league. Also have to mention a couple decent special teamers in Power and Langlais.

Current Needs: Two straight years of not drafting an OL in the first 3 rounds plus some pretty bad luck with a bunch of their previous high picks have then in need at OL. Of the 10 OL they have drafted in the past 5 years only 2 remain with the team. None of the 6 they drafted in the first 2 rounds are left.  The presence of Quinn Smith somewhat helps given his ability to play OL when needed. Regardless the Stamps need to restock the shelves. They also could use some depth behind Singleton. That’s really it. Not surprising that a team that made it to back to back Grey Cups has few needs. For the sake of Stampeder fans I won’t mention the result of either of those Grey Cup games.

Prediction: Can’t see them taking anything but an OL first. I don’t see them having the same tolerance for guys with NFL shots so they may look for a safer option, more likely to be in camp Day 1. In round 2 they could very well go OL again. Or they could target a guy like Micah Teitz (one of the few bright spots in an overall weak LB class). Part of me wonders if they are crazy enough to add another WR in round 2.

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Anonymous said...

Really good series of appraisals on the teams. OL as usual will be a popular option for a lot of teams with Stamps no exception. Agree with your comments on National receivers & got a trio of real BIG guys. Maybe they start 2 in 5 receiver sets, wear down the defence. Stamps look good again this year.