Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Grey Cup Thoughts

The 2017 CFL season came to a close last night and it left everyone felling very happy... well everyone except of course Calgary fans who are crushed and Toronto residents who probably aren't even aware. The Grey Cup delivered excitement in spades: big plays, lead changes, a blizzard, shovels, snowplows a dog sled. We were essentially a rouge and flipping snowmobile away from Canadiana bingo.

The game went exactly as scripted with Calgary outplaying the Argos for the majority of the game. Yet in the process they made just enough mistakes to let the Argos stick around and deliver a dramatic come from behind victory. Campbell was just off on that 100 TD pass to Posey. Calgary was on the doorstep of scoring the points that would have been the nail in the Argos' coffin before fumbling. They were once again on the doorstep in game tying FG range before forcing a pass into double coverage. You take away those 3 plays and the Argos likely get pummeled in this one. But instead of getting redemption for last year's choke job, the Stampeders further cemented their reputation as regular season all-stars and post season choke artists. I know it's petty to take pleasure in the pain of others but a) as a Rider fan many people have taken much pleasure in my pain over the years and b) its the Stamps and they are dicks so its kinda like a victimless crime.

While I would have liked a better finish for the Riders, the 2017 overall was a great one for the CFL. Great games, great plays, great championship, ample rack on the halftime act. Great season.

Don't go anywhere though. With the 2017 season ending , the 2018 season is just beginning and you can bet there is a ton of news that has been kept quiet until after the Grey Cup. Lots moving parts this offseason and your friendly neighbourhood Prophet will be here to get your through it with insights and irreverent commentary.


Dan said...

Ample rack indeed!

Great season!

Anonymous said...

Free agent list should come about within 2 weeks & the fun begins. With Riders the QB speculation will be a hot topic. Franklin, TSN stated, has a tryout with an NFL club & is only interested in signing for a year. So not sure bidding for his services is wise. If he starts, plays lights out, he's likely gone after a year on tryouts which could keep him down south till Labour Day if he doesn't make a roster. Meanwhile one year & we're back to finding/developing the next guy. We have some holes to fill. I've been talking about the need for a stud DT for 2 years now. Carter's a FA & may get some looks down south. Very interesting off season again. I'd be shocked if any club had less than at least a dozen free agents coming up.

Rider Prophet said...

QB situation will be interesting as there are so many options. I agree that unless you can get Franklin on a multi-year deal its likely not worth the investment though as a free agent he'll be able to get a sense if the NFL is actually serious about him prior to committing to the CFL. Right now I see DT as the top priority (James looked awesome but can't stop looking).

Anonymous said...

There's some good DT's out there & this year the Riders need to get one. Laurent wants to stay out East. That's the reason he left the Eskimos originally. Laing is probably a long shot. But maybe the Riders could get Zack Evans, local boy. He's a good one.