Monday, July 24, 2017

Abbreviated Monday Morning Sentimonies

Just got back last night from fishing. We managed to listen to the game on satellite radio but I won't pretend to have my usual depth of knolwdge about the game so I'll just give you a few short thoughts:

1 - After 3 games against bottom tier opponents, this was a measuring stick game in terms of how we stack up in the west... turns out we stack up about as well as an asian man to a black man.

2 - We lost that game in the trenches. D-line couldn't stop or even slow down the run. O-line couldn't stop Kevin Glenn's ass from being imprinted on the turf.  Can't win when you lose the battle on both sides of the line

3 - We looked (or at least sounded) like a team coming off bye. That first half was painful and awful. The second half we actually managed to hold our own but by then had dug a hole way too deep to get out of with our mediocre level of play.


Anonymous said...

Glenn had 6 passes of 11 yards or more, 4 of them incomplete. So much for play calling, maybe stretching the field with our so-called elite group of receivers. Carter - 2 for 5, 12 yards but got all the attention he craves by crossing mid-field, presumably to intimidate the Stamps. Dennis, after all the talk, gave up 3 sacks to Hughes before the half. On the 3rd one, I believe, Hughes threw the big man aside like a rag doll. Calgary didn't play all that well but there never was a time, even @ 17-10, I thought the Riders were a threat to win the game. Those games they let slip away earlier were lost opportunities which likely come back to bite the Riders. Glenn didn't even have to throw an INT to turn the game in favour of the Stamps. Can we say MUST GAME vs the Argos? Surely with the Argos on a short week that's a possibility.

Dan said...

The whole Asian man Black man thing was weird. Why did you choose that?

Rider Prophet said...

Anon - Agreed that Calgary didn't play all that well and had we played a full 60 mins the outcome could have been different. We are as close to must win as you can get. Have a back to back against a very good BC team, a loss to Toronto could see us fall to 1-6 before we know it and good luck coming back from that in a competitive West division.

Dan - it was admittedly very low brow humour... a penis joke. The fact that you had to question it says you are probably of higher moral standard that me.

Anonymous said...

did you catch any fish

D from YEG

Rider Prophet said...

D from YEG - Fishing was great! Brought home our limit in Walleye all really nice size. Caught a bunch of pike too.