Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Farewell Old Friend

Riders 6 - Lions 24

For a franchise with its share of heartbreak over the years, it was somewhat fitting that old Mosaic Stadium left us with one last loss.

I won't spend too much time talking about the game itself... it sucked. It was pretty much exactly what you would expect when a team competing for a home playoff game plays a team competing for a top draft pick. Our O-line looked like they preemptively moved all their blocking ability to the new stadium. They were about as effective as a group of nerdy elementary school kids playing Red Rover against a professional football team. Quarterbacking wasn't much better. Every snap Durant took lowered his negotiating power by $1000. Every snap that Waters took, increased Durant's negotiating power by $2000. Defense certainly looked like they were missing a number of starters. My new favourite player didn't even get a sack. I was hoping I'd get a chance to yell out "Everything's coming up Milhouse!".  We didn't even get to enjoy one last TD celebration in the stands. Start to finish the game sucked.

Fortunately there was something far more important going on that kept the fans engaged. Despite the on-field performance we were in a celebratory mood as we gathered to say goodbye to an old friend. And I must say we sent her off in style.

From the Snowbirds flyover, to all the family connections to Piffles Taylor, to the light up wrist bands that I'm convinced were just a clever excuse to mas distribute monitoring bracelets, to a pretty good halftime show (at least as good as you can get with mascot soccer or junior cheerleaders dancing around Spergeon Wynn) to a closing ceremony that fittingly honoured some of the biggest legends to ever play here. It was a memorable night.

Not sure how many saw but we even got one last idiot running on to the field... well kinda. He got about 7 steps onto the corner of the endzone and rather than making a break for midfield, he turned back towards the stands where he was swiftly thrown not so gently into the stands and then onto the ground. I'm sure those 7 steps were worth the lifetime ban, fines and other legal issues.

While, I'm excited for the new stadium (and hopefully winning games again), it was bittersweet to say goodbye to our little corner of the world up in 206. People who were once strangers are now beloved friends. We had the best game day host who game after game became one of the highlights of gameday.  Even the Rams 50/50 guy who sold me nothing but losing tickets (at times my numbers were so off I wondered if he was indeed a legit seller), yes even him I'll miss. It may have been a dank crap hole... but it was our dank crap hole and I wouldn't trade the memories or friendships formed for anything... except maybe a winning 50/50. I look forward to the new friends memories that new stadium will bring but this old house has etched itself on all of our hearts.

As if old Mosaic were in a giving mood on Saturday, it gave me one last memory as a left for the final time. One last time I parted the seas of fans on the ramps and past through their midst. What good is being a Prophet if you can use your powers for your own benefit once in a while?

As a I side note, following Saturday how little will anyone (players included) care about our game in BC next week?


Don Mitchell said...

There was more than one guy who got on the field. A fellow fell in with the Pep Band as they came onto the field for the ceremony. He almost made it but since he had no instrument I spotted him (I'm a volunteer, not security) and walked up to him and said "Son, you're not with the band are you?" "No sir" was his reply.

As I escorted him back to the south endzone stands, I told him that he owed me 300 bucks (half the fine) for not calling security on him. I don't think I'm going to get paid! LOL!

Rider Prophet said...

That is an awesome story! Such a Saskatchewan moment. You're a good person to not eat him out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm glad he didn't "eat him out" too

Rider Prophet said...

bwahahaha! Now that's an unfortunate spelling error.

Turns out the R in rat is too close to the E on my keyboard