Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sentimonies In Progress

Just my luck that the normally painfully slow pace of the offseason erupted into a flurry of activity in the worst possible week for me. Don's people ever consider my needs when making important CFL announcements?

Long story short... is is a phrase whose origins are complicated and rambling... kidding. Long story short, things a pretty hectic in my non-prophet related life (you know the one that pays the bills, keeps me clear of divorce papers, and keeps social services off my ass?), so my irreverent commentary on all the goings on across the league will have to wait until next week.

I won't leave you completely empty handed. So please accept these half asses, point form thoughts that may or may not be funny, or coherent, or thoughts for that matter....

- So pumped about Cortez as our OC!!! Just look at what he did with Burris and the Hamilton offense last year... though I'm pretty for that success to continue here we will need to find someone other than Dressler who can actually catch the ball. We can worry about that later though... for now let's just enjoy having one of the premiere OC's in the CFL as opposed to one who couldn't figure out how to run the ball in the 2nd half against the worst run D in the CFL while protecting a huge lead (yup I still do not like Bob Dyce)

- Really sad to see James Patrick go. I have been a huge fan of his ever since he showed up here as a rookie. That said we were paying like he was the best safety in the CFL (which he was a one point) but he didn't even come close to being worth that. Can't argue with the deicsion but will miss JP.

- We have horrible luck when it comes to paying people big money
   - Sean Lucas was awesome... then we started paying him  figures and he became useless
   - Patrick was the bets safety in the CFL... then we started paying him big $$$ and now he's justifiably unemployed
   - Chris Getzlaf used to catch the ball more often than not and occasionally kill the Stamps... then we handed him $120K and he sunk so low as to get booed off a Regina field.

- Even though Mike Sinclair's tenure only lasted a month and he accomplished absolutely nothing, I would still rank him ahead of Jim Daley in terms of contributions to this franchise.

- Why in the blue hell would Montreal sign Arland Bruce to a 3 year deal?!?!? They already have SJ Green, Jamel Richardson and Brandon London.  Something tells me something is up with one of those (Richardson perhaps?) and Bruce will be a replacement for one of those as opposed to playing along side them

See you next week

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