Thursday, May 3, 2012

5th Annual Live CFL Draft Day Blogging


Anonymous said...

Alright tj here is my contest entry, all choices are pretty much random so.....
Chambers to riders 1st overall
Heenan to Edm
Crawford Toronto
Pasztor to bc
Plesius to Hamilton
Pall to Edmonton
Charboneau champeau to Calgary
Fabien to bc
Mcall to Winnipeg
Bamba to Winnipeg

This was done on my phone so misspelled names and words are likely but you should be able to figure it out and will not be out of place for this blog!!


Anonymous said...

wake up, dude.

riders already announced they taking heenan 1st overall.

Db said...

I woul like change my picks. Heenan first overall to sask.

Chambers to edm
Pall to Hamilton
Crawford to calgary
Plesius to bc
Campuea to mon
Fabian to bc
McCall to Hamilton
Bambi to win
Pazstor to calgary

Rider Prophet said...

Wow this is just great work by the CFL. The draft is barely noteworthy to being with so they put it on a Thursday afternoon and have the top pick leak out long before the draft... this should be wonderful for ratings.

Anonymous said...

I will change my pick to then..... Like I said my post was basically random and i did little to no reading prior to making these picks .... A downfall of not having internet all the time!

Anonymous said...

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