Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Tuesday Afternoon Edition

You’ll note that it is neither Monday nor morning. Surprising as it may be this time it is note due to my general laziness. I had plans to write something yesterday but there was nothing to write about... somehow I couldn’t make a post about the retirements of Kelly Butler and Dan McCullough.  I mean I briefly considered making a post with the title “Veteran Snapper Retires” but I thought that might confuse readers into thinking they had stumbled onto a website about prostitutes. Today there were shreds of news, not much, but enough for me to make a half assed attempt.

The Riders signed 2 more today. WR Justin Harper and RB DeShawn Wynn. Applying my standard racial stereotyping DeShawn Wynn jumps to the top of the RB competition but I will put an asterix beside his name since he is 28 I quite frankly it would shock me to see him make our team. Harper interests me... in a purely football related sense of course... but based on his name, I will have to go ahead and write off his chances. If he has some De’s, apostrophes, dashes or dollar signs in his name then maybe we’d be in business. I still wonder if we will be releasing Yvenson Bernard before camp, we now have 4 other new imports plus West so I can’t see much room for him.

That brings our roster to a total of 68 meaning we have room for up to 7 more players for our training camp roster. 3-4 of those will come from the draft in May so we should expect 3 or 4 more free agent signings before June. Two names that have been on the radar to fill those few remaining spots:

The first is Odell Willis. Word is Winnipeg is listening to trade offers for the DE. Now it would likely be expensive to get him here and he is a bit of a head-case but the fact is, we need a DE desperately and he has 34 sacks in his 3 seasons here so he would definitely be a welcome addition. I doubt it’ll happen but we do have a first round pick and if there is one thing Taman loves more than acquiring former Bombers, its trading 1st round picks.

The other name is far less likely but I will mention it just because. RB Mike Sellers was released by the Washington Redskins. We Rider fans likely remember him running over us like a gopher on a prairie grid road when he was a Bomber. We likely also remember the playoff game where he ran his mouth big time and we shut him down and beat the Bombers. I doubt he will come back up north but I can bet Taman has at least given him a call.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go fill out my March Madness Bracket. In a move that will likely surprise none of you I am throwing my full support behind the Wichita State Shockers. Go Shockers!


Anonymous said...

I get the foam finger idea, but can anyone explain to me why she's in her underwear? For me, the two don't go hand in hand...

Rider Prophet said...

Not sure. All i can say is when you search for "Shocker Fingers", the selection of pictures that are appropriate to post is limited.

Anonymous said...

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