Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Abbreviated Sentimonies

It’s a busy few days for your friendly neighbourhood Prophet so you’ll have to settle for abbreviated sentimonies (though abbreviated and sentimonies both seem like really long words given the message I’m trying to convey).

- Gotta love those Seminoles. Thursday it’s reported that they are partners in a $1.2 billion stadium proposal. Friday they issue a press release stating that they are not involved in anything in Saskatchewan. Saturday they decided that they did have a memorandum of agreement. Maybe it’s just me, but agreeing to be part of $1.2 billion project is something you probably shouldn’t forget about. Not exactly a great first impression regarding their management style.

- Along those lines. The Alouettes just signed Gavin Walls. This after trading for him and promptly cutting him a couple days later. I assume they are currently working on trading him to another team only to subsequently re-acquire him prior to the trade deadline and possibly cut him again for good measure.

- As sad as it is, Casey Printers provides our lone dose of sanity (this is indeed a disturbing universe). He signed an extension with the BC Lions with a hefty pay increase and amazingly they only needed one try to get the deal done. Though to be fair BC did offer him a similar contract a few years ago and he turned it down a couple times so I guess this isn’t a real good example either.

Maybe some sanity will return to the CFL later in week when I will return with a more complete post... though I won’t count on it.

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