Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Yes I know its Tuesday

While I realize that this is later than normal, with the Riders being out of the picture my urge to post in a timely fashion (which wasn’t that strong to begin with) is gone… what can you do? I actually wrote this last night but had some problems with the interweb. As I was writing this I was watching Trent Edwards throw 3 first half INTs on Monday Night Football and couldn’t help but think he would a perfect fit as our next QB.

Well I thought we were going to see 2 very good football games this weekend. What we got instead was 2 teams that were about as legitimate a playoff contender as the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders (given that I was watching Monday Night Football you can expect this post to contain more NFL references than normal).

It started in Montreal, where Edmonton went out and proved my point that they are a one man team. Ricky Ray may be an outstanding QB but he can’t cover kick returns, play defense and catch his own passes. Therein lies the problem with the Eskimos… you know that and Danny Maciocia. Also, note to Edmonton: when your “run” game consists of 3 yards you have no business being in the postseason. At least Montreal gives me something to cheer for.

We then went onto to BC where there was indeed a QB choking at McMahon but it wasn’t Burris… it was Buck Pierce… I was shocked as I’m sure Burris and most of the residents of Calgary were. Pierce was over-throwing receivers like it was going out of style. Note to BC: If you didn’t learn from the Riders that failing to score a TD in the playoffs will cost you, you also have no business being in the postseason. There wasn’t mush else to this game other than the fact I almost threw up in my mouth when Rod Black started comparing Henry Burris to Peyton Manning. But I guess, Manning is a lot like Burris… you know, if you take away all Manning’s records, winning seasons and perfect teeth and add in all of Burris’ whining.

For me the highlight of the Division finals came in the dying seconds of the Calgary game. Clinging to a 4 point lead and faced with 3rd down, all Calgary had to do was kill the final 7 seconds off the game clock. Burris astutely took the snap and ran backwards out the back of the endzone conceding the safety and killing the clock…

What’s that you say? That didn’t happen? Well that’s what a smart person would have done… but we’re talking about Burris here so logic and smarts don’t play into it. What actually happened was he threw the ball as high as he could throw and it landed out of bounds with 1 second left on the clock. Meaning that BC had one shot from the 40 yard line to score the game winning TD. Fortunately for Hufnagel and co. Buck Pierce continued his sucking ways and couldn’t capitalize on the monumental gaffe. Burris should be personally thanking the BC offense for not making him responsible for one of the biggest chokes in playoff history... I mean Burris has had some big ones but this would have topped them all. Oh well there’s always next week.

So it’ll be the Stamps against the hometown Alouettes in Grey Cup 96 this Sunday. Check back later for my thoughts on the big game.

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Grey Cup % this Sunday. This is the kind of quality we get when you decide to post without letting me edit it first. Good grief.