Monday, October 3, 2022

Monday Morning Sentimonies: We’re Not Very Good

Riders 13 – Bombers 31

If you were surprised by Friday’s outcome, I don’t know what to tell you. Nothing that we have seen from this team over the past 2 months has shown anything but a team on the decline. Between injuries and illnesses we have certainly had our share of legitimate excuses. But here’s the thing… Moore and Evans came back from injury, we didn’t get better. Clark and Ferland came back from injury, we didn’t get better. We got to play Winnipeg without the fear of pooping our pants, we didn’t get better. In fact, we seem to be getting worse.

The defense was once the force that powered this team. Now it appears they are worn out from the strain of carrying the rest of the team all season because they are declining. No big plays when we needed them. No sacks, no turnovers, poor tackling, consistently allowing over 25 points a game. The telling sign for me was when somehow our defensive scheme called for Larry Dean to cover Nik Demski (the Nik Demski who has been single-handedly killing us this year, the Nik Demksi I specially warned that we need to limit) deep downfield. That’s bad defensive scheming. And it’s a sign to me that even the one area that does not suck is starting to give up. Through 3 quarters the D did a good job overall but good is not enough for a unit that used to be dominant. Edem looks to have lost a step (or is more banged up than he is letting on). AC Leonard is sure not making a lot of plays for what we are paying him.

Offense produced one solitary TD and 13 points overall. Unless our application to transfer to the east division is approved, that kind of production just won’t cut it. I have been (and continue to be) a Fajardo fan but he’s terrible this year. I still think he can be a good QB but it won’t be here and it won’t be with this OC. Fajardo was awful. Bobbled a snap. Threw more than one pass to an open receiver into the dirt. Feet moving like he’s auditioning for Riverdance. Seriously, get that man some ankle weights to try and counteract his happy feet. Its not like we are putting him in a position to be successful though. The interception will go on Fajardo but it was Tevin Jones’ fault. Do I believe he could have lost the ball in the lights? Sure (and it was a dumb second and 5 play anyway). But even kids are taught by their coaches to play to the whistle. Despite no whistle, Jones gave up and was gingerly strolling back to the huddle while the play was still going on. That is not someone with his head in the game. 

Some competent play calling would help… but we all know that ain’t happening here. In my pre-game write up I stated “I type this Maas is planning an offense based on deep shots”. Sure enough we are out there chucking it deep despite it definitely not being something we are good at and facing the bend but don’t break Hall D. Why? That 3rd down run to LaFrance that got stuffed was the definition of overthinking things. We needed a damn yard, fall forward. Pretty basic play. Yet instead we run some complicated thing were lineman are pulling.  Not only did it not fool anyone (because it was pretty obvious where it was going) it resulted in defenders coming through a huge unblocked hole to stuff the run. And of course with Maas in charge you know we were settling for that FG in the 4th. Ask any person who has even loosely followed the CFL this season what the odds of the Riders’ O getting back into the redzone. We needed a major there, wussed out and 2 plays later the game was over. Every single aspect of the O is a mess.

At this point I’m honestly torn. Obviously I want us to win a game and get into the playoffs. We might even win the East-semi before getting annihilated in the east final (heavy emphasis on might). But I’m honestly torn between wanting that and wanting to us to flame out completely and miss the playoffs as that may force the team to make the changes needed rather than foolishly thinking they are “close” with this group.


Other random thoughts:

-        At least Alford provides brief moments of joy

-        Demski was definitely offside on that one TD

-        I would like to request Nick Marshall resume short yardage duties

-        Dickenson should have been kicked in the crotch for that late challenge. I know he was right but why on earth would you want to drag that crappy game out any longer?

-        If the Riders wants to make big bucks this Grey Cup week, it would hold an official “Airing of the Grievances” event for the fans. Just let me get drunk and yell at O’Day for an hour. I would pay very good money.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Riders vs. Bombers: Back At It

Fresh off a bye week, the 6-8 Riders are in Winnipeg (as if our losing record isn’t punishment enough) to face the 12-2 Bombers. If this were a TV show, we would do one of those “Previously on” montages right now… only in this case it would just be Cody getting sacked and me swearing over and over again. In case you forgot over the bye week, things aren’t good in Riderville. And somehow not only did things not improve over the bye week, they got worse. No I’m not talking about Jake Dolegala. Our 3rd string QB was an idiot and got rightfully punished. About the only thing noteworthy about that is that the Riders managed to somehow be proactive in addressing the issue instead of doing their usual “wait until you are pressured into responding and then do it poorly” routine. No, I’m talking about Frankie Hickson, one of the few bright spots on the team, likely being lost for the season.

Two weeks ago the Bombers got whooped by Hamilton so they aren’t invincible. I still don’t understand how that happened but it shows that anything is possible. So how do the Riders go about pulling off an equally improbable win? Well the best options are illegal and highly unethical and my lawyers advised me not to encourage anything of the sort so let’s focus on the more traditional approach.

It needs to start with the defense. They are unquestionably the strength of this team and any chance of success needs to be led by them. They are coming off 2 of their worst performances of the season and need a rebound. The ongoing absence of Lanier is a major blow to our pass rush. Robertson and Leonard are good but add Lanier in the middle and that’s when we have dominated. Though after watching Thursday Night Football I do have to say I prefer the teams’ cautious approach to returning Lanier from his head injury as opposed to the Dolphins’ approach of YOLO.

D needs to play physical. As much as they will not admit it or do it consciously, the Bombers are in full coast mode. They are going to host the West Final and everyone knows it. So their goal is be healthy for that game. We need to show we are the hungrier team (might even be worth skipping the pre-game meal… or at least picking a different place than the last trip to Winnipeg). Stuff the run and pressure Collaros. That’s our only chance. I know he has been nicked up and has also been creating space for other lineman to get sacks but AC Leonard has yet to really dominate a game since we paid him big money. If there was ever a time for him to step up, this is it. Nik Demksi has been singlehandedly killing us this season so another key will be limiting him. I know it was with the benefit of Labour Day home crowd energy but we held the Bombers to 20 points less than a month ago. We have it in us.

Offensively there is good news and bad news. The good news is that we get back Vaughn, Ferland and most importantly Dan Clark along the OL, legitimately our best 3 OL. The bad news is that the bar for our “best” OL is pretty low and while this certainly improves our OL, its does not suddenly make it good. My only hope is that Clark brings some much needed grit and leadership back to the offense. I would say we should run the ball but a) we have no RBs left and b) Jason Maas doesn’t do that anyway. I still think we should run the ball. LaFrance is nowhere near as dynamic as Hickson or Morrow but he’s serviceable. Again, the Bombers are in coast mode, a physical run game is a chance to level the playing field. I just think it would be the cruelest twist of irony that after months of calling for more runs, Jason Maas finally gives 30 touches to the RB the week after all our good RBs are hurt. LaFrance or not, we need to run regardless. We are not good enough to go one dimensional on O (though in fairness 1 dimensional would be an improvement over the no dimensional we have grown accustomed to). Cody needs to up his game. His reads and throws need to be quicker. He needs to move better in the pocket to help his OL. He needs to not just assume that spin left is a CFL cheat code. When he’s on, he’s a solid QB. He can feed it to Shaq and Moore and Lenius and lead drives. The problem is he’s on so sporadically. Yes his O-line sucks and yes his OC is questionable but at some point we need our QB to lead the team and make some plays. We also need Maas to step up. Last game he seemed dumbfounded by the Chris Jones drop 9 defense (I mean, who saw that coming?). This week I hope to hell he has prepared for the bend but don’t break Hall D. It’s only been around since before Maas was a QB. Patience will be the key. Getting greedy will cost us. We need slow methodical drives and take what he gives us. I completely understand that as I type this Maas is planning an offense based on deep shots, most of them coming in short yardage situations.

Winnipeg has few weaknesses but kick coverage has certainly not been a strength. They are bottom half of the league in return yards allowed and have allowed the 3rd most big plays (very uncharacteristic of O’Shea). Going to need some help from Alford to stay in this one.

I think this game will be closer than many expect. Banjo Bowl was an aberration. We proved on Labour Day we can play Winnipeg close. Most have written the Riders off (myself included) but I think this is a game where they show some pride and hang with the big dogs.

However, I know this team well enough to know that they will build up just enough hope in us to crush it epically in the end. Just don’t see us winning this one.

Bombers by a Leggio FG after a late Cody INT.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Leadership

The Riders will return to the practice field this week after a bye week. Ahead lays a difficult set of 4 games in 5 weeks to end the regular season. In Winnipeg, in Hamilton, bye, Calgary, at Calgary. The crossover is still very much in play. Staying in the west is quickly trending towards a pipe dream. Hell, with the level of play we’ve come to expect over the past 2 months, the very real possibility of missing the postseason entirely for the first time since 2016 is not really a surprise to anyone.

With a merciful reprieve from having a the results of a Rider game to curse about, I spent the bye week thinking about where the team is at and what the issues seem to be.

I kept coming back to one word: Leadership.

I’m not talking about the GM and the coaches and the formal leadership (don’t get me wrong, there are issues there but that’s not what’s been bugging me). I’m talking about the guys in the locker room, the informal leaders. I struggled putting my finger on the issue but then it became crystal clear the moment I asked this question: Who are the leaders on this team? I honestly don’t know the answer.

I think back to previous teams and you could point to guy like Durant, Dressler, Makowsky, LaBatte, Eddie Davis, Hunt, Schultz, Elimimian and you knew they were recognized leaders. Then I look at this team and honestly I can’t tell you who the leaders are. In theory it should be Fajardo but I don’t get the sense he runs that locker room. I don’t think he’s hated but I don’t think he’s one of those guys that when he speaks everyone listens… especially the defensive guys (who may honestly resent anything associated with the offense at this point). So if not him then who? The only natural leader would be Clark and he’s not on the field. So maybe Evans and Moore?? Honestly, tell me who the offensive leader is? 

Even the defense (who seems to have it more together as a unit), who’s the guy? The only guys who seems universally respected is Hughes. Anytime he makes an impact play the whole team just to seems to raise the energy level. He has the respect of the group. The LB group (Dean, Moncrief, Sankey) I think would be core the leadership but are they the kind of leaders that the whole team listens to? Or are they only leaders within the defense.

The only other leader I see on the team is Lauther. And while I have the utmost respect for Lauther and I believe the team does too, if we are relying on a kicker to be a leader on a struggling team then we’re in trouble.

So across the team I came up with no one of offense, a couple guys on D and a kicker. That's not a glowing endorsement of the leadership capacity on this team. 

We are who we are at this point. There are no reinforcements coming. There are no coaching changes coming. The ability to salvage some shred of hope out of what left of this season lies more with what the leaders in the locker room step up and do than it does with anything Dickenson can do. 

Who will be our Shane Falco? Our Bobby Boucher? Our Mox?

Monday, September 19, 2022

Monday Morning Sentimonies: The End

Riders 24 – Elks 26

The season officially ended on Friday. Sure we have 4 more games, sure we might win again, sure we might sneak into the playoffs. But the fact remains that Friday’s loss signifies that the season is over and the remaining 2 months will be nothing more than going through the motions. (Spoiler alert this post will be a lot more angry and depressing than normal… but I think you’ll forgive me under the circumstances).

What we saw Friday was complete systematic failure. Every aspect of the team bears responsibility for that utter garbage that fans we forced to endure.

It starts with the GM. O’Day has done a lot of great things. We are recruiting good talent (Milligan, Clark, Robertson, Hickson, Jones). We have a rock solid defense… or at least we did (more on that later). We have a roster than can compete with anyone… except at the O-line. O’Day knew coming into the season that was our biggest weakness. Free agency came and he made one solitary move… he signed a tackle from the only O-line that was worse than ours in 2021. The draft came and he used our first pick on a receiver who, while talented, will not impact this season in a meaningful way. He did use our second pick on an OL… who returned to school. O’Day stubbornly refused to address our biggest weakness and its costing us dearly.

It then goes to Dickenson. My opinion of him is certainly changing. I used to think he was an excellent coach. Now its starting to look more and more like he is a decent coach that can lead a strong team but can’t coach through adversity. He inherited a very good team from Chris Jones and we’ve gotten worse in each successive season:

2019 - 13-5 (8-1 at home)

2021 - 9-5 (5-2 at home)

2022 - 6-8 (4-3 at home)

I like Dickenson but I’m no longer convinced he’s untouchable. We just lost to a 3 win team that took 158 yards in penalties, at home. Let than sink in.

It then goes to the Coordinators. Jason Maas is like a weather man. They both occupy positions where it seems to be perfectly acceptable to not get things right week in, week out. Our offense under his leadership has been about as potent as a non-alcoholic beer. 7th ranked O in 2021. 6th so far this season. I know he’s saddle with a peewee level O line but he does himself no favours with how he calls the game. He was thoroughly out-coached by Jones. If you have spent more than 5 minutes studying Jones you know to expect the 3 man rush drop 9. We appeared not to game plan for it. We had no ability to get the run going. To their credit Edmonton played solid run stop but instead of finding different ways to get Hickson going (option, pitches, screens) we just kept blindly running him up the middle. Play calling was horrid. Our best offensive play (the Shaq TD) was an idiotic call. I don’t care how it turned out, it was a bad call. As they broke huddle I joked that we would throw… then they did. If you listen closely on the replay you’ll hear my voice yell out from the second “What are you doing!?!?!?!” as the ball was thrown. Then on another 3rd and 1 we set up in shotgun and give the running back the ball 6 yards back… against a D we haven’t be able to run on. Genius! The purpose of Maas’ job is field an offense that scores. In 2 years he has consistently proven he can’t. We faced a team playing Duron Carter at CB and could not find a way to take advantage. 

I love Jason Shivers and will say nothing but great things about what he has done as DC but the fact remains his defense shit the bed at the worst possible time. The performance on Friday was worse in my opinion than the Banjo Bowl beat down. No pressure, no contain, no tackling, bad coverage. It was a bad night. Defense is very different without Lanier and Marino in the middle. I think we can survive with one out but not both.

It then goes to the OL. I realize that we were without our 3 best OL (Ferland, Clark and Vaughn)… but even when those guys were in, the line was garbage. Coming into this game the Elks had the least sacks in the CFL. They have just 28 total sacks but 15 of those have come against us. There are 5 guys on the offensive line and we consistently get beat by 3 man pressure. Teams could rush 1 and I’m convinced our line couldn’t block it. Its embarrassing. The most effective blocker I have seen for the Riders was that ref that got in the way on a rollout. 

It then goes to the QB. If you looked only at Cody’s stats you’d think he played well 74% completion, 2 TDs, no INTs, 230 yards. But that masks a brutal performance. I know our line is crap but to be fair to them, at least half of the sacks were 100% Cody’s fault for not knowing how to move in the pocket. He never steps up. He only steps back or tries to loop left. I know it’s a vicious cycle… he’s crappy because we let him get hit so much and he gets hit so much because he's crappy. We did this to him but he’s not playing at a pro-level. On the drive that ended in the Lenius TD, when it was first and goal from the 7, I turned to my buddy in the stands and said “I guarantee the play call is Cody rolls out left and tries to run to the far pylon." Now remember that I am just a jackass in the stands. Chris Jones (who works at football 29 hours a day) also predicted that and you could see extra defenders on that side of the field. Sure enough, he almost gets sacks, rolls left… only to realize that there was nothing but a wall of defenders. He’s so broken mentally (again it’s the team’s fault for offering him zero protection for 2 years) that he is reverting to his most basic football instincts: spin left. I feel for the guy but he’s not helping us at this point.

And there you have it… failure at all level: the story of the 2022 Riders. It was on full display on Friday. No easy fix, and likely no fix coming even come December. In a year where we host the Grey Cup, the Riders have delivered the most depressing season I can remember.

Other random thoughts:

-        What was up with Mike Edem? I have never seen him play that bad ever. He over-pursued and missed every tackle.

-        I knew about the time that Lauther doinked that it wasn’t going to be our night. He also picked a bad time to suck. His 2 missed FGs could have salvaged that game for us... even though we did not deserve to win.

-        Another omen was late in the game when they did the usual thing where there have fans pass a giant Rider flag around the lower bowl. The flag was backwards and one side was half folded back on itself. Pretty much summed up the night.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Riders vs. Elks: No Excuse

I don’t care if we have Covid, or the entire team can’t keep from crapping their pants, or we’re all hurt. Friday is a must win game. No excuse. We have won exactly 2 of our last 8 games (it’s been just a great 2 months). But as bad as it has been, we can still make the playoffs and if we somehow manage to get healthy for November, anything can happen.

So a home game against the worst team in the CFL is exactly the kick start this struggling team needs heading into a bye week. Now, you may be saying “Prophet, Edmonton is bad, but with the dreadful condition of the East division are their really the worst?”. I would argue yes. By pretty much any meaningful category they are the worst. Their offense has the least yards and least points. Their defense has allowed the most yards and points. They have allowed 52 TDs (that is as much as BC and Calgary combined) Even their return game has the least yards. They are not good.

I do laugh at people who are thinking Chris Jones should get fired. Do you not remember 2016? Year 1 of Chris Jones is burn it all to the ground and spend a season in an almost comical experiment to see who actually fits his plans. In year 2 of his tenure in Sask, he took us from 5-13 to 10-8 and one play away from the Grey Cup. Edmonton will be just fine… next year. As for this year, I still look at that roster and see such a void of talent that it looks like an extra-large practice roster. Maybe he just combined the pre-practice and practice roster into one?

Defensively, it will once again be Taylor Cornelius… who just signed a 2 year extension that he will not likely see the end of year 1 of that deal before being cut. Has Cornelius improved since his craptastic first season? Yes. But his improvement has him at 58% completion. So yeah, his “improvement” is really just being less awful. Tre Ford is looking to dress for the first time in months and knowing McAdoo like I do, that means that Ford will make a random appearance in the game at some point. We won’t have to contend with Kenny Lawler which is a good thing. In 2 games he accounted for 35% of Edmonton’s offense against us. Edmonton appears to have 2 promising young prospects in RB Kevin Brown and WR Dillon Mitchell. We are one of the best run stopping units in the CFL so if we stick to that, the run game should remain a non-factor. Almost half of Cornelius’ TD have come on long passes so we need to limit the big play. This Edmonton O is not good enough to string together long drives against this D. Also, while we are hardly in a position to criticize O-line play, Edmonton does not have a very good one and recently traded away on of their best lineman. D-line should be aggressive and disruptive in this one.

Offensively we get to go from back-to-back games against the best D in the league, to a game against the worst. I know I sound like a broken record (I should maybe update that expression for the younger reader)… I sound like a discman that skips (that’s as up to date as my references will get). Anywho, I will give you 2 stats that should dictate the entirety of our offensive plan. The Elks allow a league worst 5.3 yards per rush. Frankie Hickson gets a league high 6.9 yards per carry. Its so simple that even a Bomber fan could figure it out… run the ball!! Edmonton is essentially coasting through the rest of the season. They are not going put the effort into a grind out type of game. Hit them hard and by the second half those gains will get longer and longer. New daddy Fajardo will need to do his part by not turning the ball over. Edmonton has a league low 21 sacks though that is a deceiving stat because the Elks have 14 sacks in 11 games against the rest of the league and 7 in 2 games against us. We can make any d-line look ferocious. Lean on Shaq and Baker and Moore when we need to pass. Most important for the offense will be to start strong and put the Elks in a position of chasing and then not disappear in the second as we have a strong tendency to do. D will do their part to keep the score low, so we don’t need much from the offense… but we do need something.

I expect special teams to have an impact in this one. In case you haven’t noticed, Alford is kinda good. Edmonton has allowed the most punt return yards and allowed a league high 10 big plays on special teams. He will have a big one on Friday, only question is whether he gets all the way to the endzone.

The Elks are 0-9 against the West having lost by an average of 17-39. They have never held a west team under 24 points and they have played our god-awful offense twice. We have lost 4 straight home games and can’t afford to waste this opportunity.

In true Rider fashion they will somehow make it harder than it needs to be, but as much as its hard to trust the Riders with much this year I trust them not to screw this one up.

Riders by 14

Monday, September 12, 2022

Monday Morning Sentimonies: A Crappy Outcome

Riders 20 – Bombers 54

Look, we were probably not going to win even if we were healthy. Add in a nasty stomach flu ripping through the team and that game was going to be about as pretty as those bathroom stalls in the visitor locker room must have been. We didn’t lose because of the flu… but the lopsided nature of the score can probably be blamed at least in large part on the sickness. I mean we had to start a DB who only arrived at the stadium because our team president was forced to be a glorified soccer mom and drive him to the stadium the day of the game.

So I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time analyzing this one. The best team in the CFL was healthy and beat the crap out of (or at least whatever was left in them) a .500 team that was anything but healthy. Burn the tape, cover everything in bleach and move on.

I will talk about a few notable things though…

Frankie Hickson averaged 7.1 yards per carry behind a line that had to get IVs to even be healthy enough to stand upright and be away from a bathroom for more than a few minutes. Stud is starting to seem like an understatement. The run game is the only thing that is remotely consistent in a positive way (at least when we acknowledge it exists). Run, run and when you think we’ve run too much, run again for good measure.

Mario Alford is another stud. You have to go back to the days of Corey Holmes to find a kick returner this dynamic in green and white. Down the stretch we are going to need a lot of help if we want to find the win column and he’s a guy that can offer that.

I will preface this by saying that reffing is not why we lost and I really hate to even go down this rabbit hole as I normally will defend the refs and not buy into any conspiracy theories (Fact: the refs hate all our teams equally… well except Tom Valesi). But for the second week in a row I watched numerous Winnipeg infractions go uncalled. There were 2 distinct holds on that Bailey TD that somehow escaped the refs view. That PI call on Moore was about the first marginal call in a while that I have seen go our way. And why is it that the command centre can only fix errors when they benefit our opponents? Over the course of this season we’ve had to challenge no yards, we had blatant holds missed, nothing. But Winnipeg gets a penalty for a hit on Fajardo and suddenly they wake up and start doing stuff. For the record I think they were right in that case. While the defender tried really hard to commit a penalty on Fajardo he missed. I will say though that if Marino had done that, there would have been an uproar across the league. I’m not asking for perfect reffing. It would just be nice if it was a consistent bar.

While it was hardly worth celebrating, nice to see Charleston Hughes get another sack and take over 5th all-time in CFL history. He’s only 4 more away from tying Jurasin for 3rd all-time. Not sure how much more he has left but after an utter disappointment in Toronto last year, its nice to see him have some success.

That’s it. Nothing else in that game is worth discussing. Hopefully when we go back to Winnipeg in 3 weeks time, we are healthy and can see how we actually stack up. Between the Covid outbreak ahead of the Toronto game and now this, we have had shit luck this season… literally.   

Friday, September 9, 2022

Riders vs. Bombers: Banjo Bowl 2022

Saturday the Riders are forced to travel to Winnipeg (something that could be considered corporal punishment) for a rematch with the Bombers. The Riders will be looking to rebound after narrowly snatching defeat from the claws of victory. The Bombers will be looking to extend what seems to be an endless campaign to ensure we feel nothing but misery. What did we ever do to deserve this?… I mean aside from 29 straight years of mockery for lack of Grey Cups.

The Banjo Bowl has not historically been kind to the Riders. They have lost 5 of the last 6. Ironically, Zach Collaros was the last Rider QB lead the green and white to victory. And its not just that we lose, we tend to get pummelled. The average margin of defeat over the last 5 losses is 18.2 and only once were we within one score. If you are feeling confident about this game I can only assume that you have hallucinogen intake that would put Ricky Williams to shame.

This one is going to be tough. Despite giving a pretty damn good effort against a pretty damn good team we fell short last week. So we not only need to pick ourselves back up mentally and try again, we need to do it without the crowd being behind us this time. Our line was not exactly great but held it together but that was with the benefit of relative silence on offense. Expect a thunderous roar to emanate from the toothless mouths of the Bomber faithful. That certainly won’t help things.

But since you probably didn’t come here to read pages of doom and gloom, here’s what we need to do if we hope to steal one on Loser-peg.

Run! We proved on Labour Day that the Bombers can be run on. Hickson averaged 5.7 yards per carry (and added 6.7 yards per touch in the passing game). If we think we can pass our way to victory with our O-line, trying to stop that D-line, with that crowd noise, then we may be a product of the Manitoba education system. Feed Hickson. Dude is a stud and our line needs all the help it can get. The Fajardo-Shaq connection will be key when we do pass. Going to need another big game from Shaq. Also need to keep finding ways to get Schaefer-Baker the ball. We are undefeated in games where he scores a TD and are 6-2 and when he gets over 40 yards. Get the ball in the hands of your playmakers. We also can’t turn the ball over. We hung in last week until we turned the ball over. We simply aren’t good enough right now to overcome mistakes. Lastly, we need to find a way to score in the second half. I know this is a foreign concept to this offense, but maybe try making some adjustments at half time and not just napping.

Defensively, its certainly not fair to ask them to do more after holding the best QB in the league to 20 points. But we probably need them to do more. More pressure. More turnovers. Less big passing plays (I realize there were only 3 last game which in any other circumstance would be outstanding). You can bet Winnipeg will be looking to get Oliveira going after we held him to just 38 yards last game. We can’t let that happen. Demski has been the spark in that offense since returning from injury so limiting him needs to be a priority.

As great as our defense is and has been, I expect the Winnipeg O to be a bit better at home. Not a lot but 28 points seems more likely. I also don’t expect our offense to suddenly improve in one of the hardest places to play. So that means any chance of victory hinges on a defensive or special teams score. Not sure I like the odds of a special teams one against O’Shea but its possible. We also need to start strong. If we get down early that crowd will be on us like a mildly attractive cousin at a Manitoba family reunion and we are not built for a come from behind victory.

This is another game where we could in theory win. I do think we have the talent to hang with any team in the CFL (as last week showed). But realistically I expect us to continue the annual tradition of getting mercilessly crushed in the Banjo Bowl.

Bombers by 16… at least we get the Elks next.